Our days have been full.  On Christmas Eve, I finished sewing three little capes (no, I haven’t taken pictures yet), finished wrapping packages and then the hubs and I opened gifts.  The living room still looks like Christmas threw up (seems to be a trend at my house).

The hubs is loving his new Droid…so far he has downloaded a guitar tuner, a recording studio and Angry Birds.  He won’t let me touch the phone which is fair since I really don’t want him on my Kindle.  I’ll just get my own droid…eventually.  How many gadgets do we really need?  Still haven’t figured out how to add his droid to my Kindle account…after all, the droid had a Kindle reader and I should be able to add 5 devises to my Kindle account.

My parents went camping for Christmas out at Inks Lake so we drove out on Christmas for lunch.  It was nice except so cold that I didn’t want to go outside.  They had a nice view of the lake (did I mention they have an RV?).

After lunch, we visited Dennis’ brother (one of his brothers…he has two and two sisters as well).  It was nice.  We rarely see his brother although they live only 15 minutes from us.  Kind of sad really.   We talked to the rest of his family in El Paso later in the day…they celebrated by making turkey tamales.  That was about it.

I think small children in the family really make Christmas more fun.  There is a magic to it.  Sometimes the magic is naptime.  😀  So everyone can wakeup with a better attitude.

As it all goes, it was lovely.  I am a little sad that another year is passing with no munchkins on the way. 

Honestly, I am not all that inspired to write, right now.  Nothing deep.  Nothing funny.  Nothing moving.  Just tired and cannot seem to feel my toes in my new  New Balance toning shoes (not sure that is intended to help me tone or what).


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