The Real Evil


Have you noticed that there are several movies or DVDs being released with subject matters of dealing with the demonic or exorcism?  It’s a topic that never seems to get old. 

My belief system is very simple in regard to dealing with the demonic.  Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world (I John 4:4).  Because I believe there  is a greater Good (GOD), I  have hope. 

If you ask anyone the question, “Have you encountered evil?”  Without wavering most people would immediately answer “yes”.  Anywhere in the world….”Have you encountered evil? Can you identify it?”  The answer would be “yes”.  If you asked a similar question, “Have you encountered good?  Can you identify something truly good?”  What would the answer be?  People believe in evil.  What is going to take for them to believe that good overcomes evil? 

The real evil in the world is that people have no hope. without hope there is nothing left but death.  The real evil in the world is that we, Christians, are supposed to be the light of the world; the demonstration of good that points to God.  The thing about light is, when light comes, it reveals what was lurking in the darkness.  Many times what was lurking in the darkness was loud, obnoxious, creepy, and overstated but when the light comes it reveals how small and powerless that thing was.  

Dennis asked me what I thought about some of the “exorcisms” we see in movies and on tv.  There are many people using formulas and church doctrine and there are massive demonic manifestations resulting.  My answer was two-fold.  1. The only way to cast out a demon is by the name and blood of Jesus Christ.  Jesus defeated satan at the cross.  Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave.  Jesus is 100% LIFE and satan is 100% death.  Jesus always wins over satan.  Period.   So any other means of exorcising a demonic spirit is just inane.  Do not mistake these words by believing then that it is “easy”.  There are some very evil things in the world and there are some things that have so deeply rooted themselves in people’s lives that it takes time and perseverance to expel them but ultimately, they must go when the authority of Jesus Christ is exercised.  2. Demonic spirits manifest for our benefit to promote fear.  If they can make us fear them, then we have believed that their power is greater than the power of Jesus.  When that becomes our believe, we are indeed powerless.

Mark 16:17 says, “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues” 

If the world believes in evil and even more specifically in demons but they do not believe in the power of Jesus Christ, what does that say about us as His followers? 

In most circles, I’ve found that Christians do believe in overcoming evil.  Mostly things like depression.  But when it comes to dealing with the demonic, they want to leave that to a small sec of believers who are categorized as a little “strange”.   Most Christians don’t want to deal with it.  That’s too bad because what a great influence we could have in the world if we would demonstrate the power of a living God.  In reality, doing this would mean we would first have to deal with the demons in our own lives….and those are the ones we are so very acclimated to.  

There is a book on deliverance that is many years old, titled “Pigs in the Parlor”.  I haven’t read it in a while but there are some things I agree with and some I do not.  One things it says that the truth I walked away with is “A demon cannot possess a Christian but a Christian can possess a demon”.  In other words, legally a demon cannot own a Christian for they are bought and paid for by Jesus Christ; they have been redeemed.  But a Christian can hold onto and own a demon.  It doesn’t look much different from being possessed; that person might still function under a similar manifestation.

As Christians, we must bring hope back into the world.  We must overcome.  We simply must! 

The real evil is there is a world crying out for justice who desperately need hope and we have it but are ill-equipped to share it. 

It is time for us to figure this out because we are the light.  We are darkness expellers; we are evil revealers.   We are called to be overcomers.


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