Momlog 1 2011


For everyone who didn’t know….Nic-nac is back with us.  No need discussing why in this venue but I think the “Momlog” is back.  Here’s why?  Where else can I “tell all” (or almost all). 

Although he is supposedly potty trained I think he really conquered the potty.  He had an accident on Saturday.  I was getting his wet cloths off of him (this all occurred as I was trying to get us out the door….of course) and scolding him for not telling me he need to go, he started peeing in my floor.  You never saw a kid fly onto the toilet so fast while I just said “Damn it! damn it! damn it!”  (yes, I am sorry to say that’s what happened). 

It also turns out it is not cute to hear a two year old respond to a question as “yeah”.  So we are learning “Yes, sir” and “Yes, mam”.    While visiting my parents on Friday night my dad tells me that saying “Yes, mam” and “Yes, sir” really isn’t important.  My sister and I and I nearly called him a hypocrite.  And/or I nearly cussed for a second time that day.  Seriously?  This is the man who ran our house like the military.  I explained that one of the biggest issues with today’s young people is they have no respect for authority and it effects every part of a person’s life if they do not respect people.  I will not raise a disrespectful, ungrateful, rude child.    (Does peeing in my floor qualify as disrespectful or rude??)

Bill Cosby says that grandparents are just old people trying to get into heaven.  Hmmm.  Dad, don’t worry, I think you have that covered.

I cannot remember my grandma ever spanking me.  I would often stay with her for a week at a time.  However, I also did whatever she told me to do.  In hindsight, I believe I respected her and obeyed her because my parents always treated her with respect.  I guess that means I need to make sure that I am treating my folks with respect so my kids will treat them with and us with respect….


3 thoughts on “Momlog 1 2011

  1. jbryans

    I think it is important, too. Todd’s son Devry lives in Pennsylvania and, from what I am told, it is just not a big deal up there to say “yes ma’am” and “yes, sir”.

  2. Alice, you’re such a northerner sometimes. 😀 Just wait until you have kids. Maybe some “southern” rubed off on you. Let’s raise a generation of kids who have some respect. If not, we will all end up in old folk’s homes.

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