Momlog 2 2011 Travels


Have truck will travel…Nic and I are setting out on a road trip to see my sister.  I have traveled with a toddler before.  Sam and I have had some adventures.  Of course Sam is perfect (don’t ask his mom).  He has always been a good traveler.  Of course my sister makes sure he has plenty to do from movies to Ipods. 

I don’t have an Ipod and even if I did, I’m not sure I would allow the 2 year old access to such technology.  I am a little worried about him fusing when it comes to being confined to the child safety seat…so I am trying to time it for naptime.   We even woke him up at a reasonable early time so he would sleep for part of the trip.

All you seasoned moms out there….any suggestions for traveling?


One thought on “Momlog 2 2011 Travels

  1. Linda Autrey

    Hey, Casey! I have a 3 year old and she has traveled well through many states. I have a tray/foot rest that I use for her to eat her meals, play with puzzles/magnetic games, and color. I also have a DVD player that straps to the back of the headrest so she can watch VeggieTales or Disney movies. When she gets bored with those things, we usually play an I Spy game to entertain her. When all else fails, we take a snack/rest stop break or try to find a park to entertain her for a little while (though getting her BACK into the car can be a trial). Having an “activity basket” where the toddler can reach it is nice. Hope this helps!

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