Pioneer Woman


Okay…in case you have been living in a cave and don’t know about the Pioneer Woman check her out at

My sister is a “fan” or a “disciple”  I’m not sure.  All I know is between the Pioneer Woman some recipe app on her Iphone, my sister seems to be all set. 

I am not sure I like the Pioneer woman….here’s why

1. She lives in Oklahoma.  The only people who live in Oklahoma are people who couldn’t get into Texas.

2. She does EVERYTHING.   She cooks, she homeschools her kids, she does projects, she WRITES.  (Writing is hard when you have one kid…by the way,mine is his room playing right now because he was trying to watch “House Hunters International” earlier and I thought it wasn’t appropriate for him).

3. She gets about a million hits on her blog a day (the most I ever got in a day was 299 – but I am hoping I will get more by blogging about the Pioneer Woman).

4.  Oh, did I mention she takes great pictures which also makes her blog wildly popular.

Maybe I like her but I am a little jealous of her wild success on a cow farm in Oklahoma while I live in the thriving metropolis of Kyle, Texas.  I need a new camera.

My sister says the Pioneer Woman is intimidating.  I don’t think so….she just makes me  tired.

Where is my camera?  Maybe I can take some pictures with my sad little camera and figure out how to edit them to be cool.  I am pretty sure my interest in doing that will last about 87 minutes.


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