Momlog 3, 2011: The Playdate


Despite the miserably cold, windy weather (that could me dreadfully worse if it wet) we set out for the Jumpy Place (that’s the actually name) today.  The Jumpy Place is basically a warehouse full of jumpy balloons and the kids run wild and later they sleep for hours from sheer exhaustion. 

The plan was to take Nic-Nac and my niece Ellie (aka Ellikans) and meet up with my friend Tia and her two girls, Anna Kate and Izzy. 

Before leaving, I tried to check the Jumpy Places’ website mainly because I wanted to find a coupon (I love a deal).  The website was down. 

Tia arrived before I did and found the Jumpy Place closed.  Apparently, the Jumpy Place is closed on Tuesdays.  Who knew?   So we ended up at McDonald’s and we really didn’t want to leave because it was so cold we just didn’t want to go back out in cold.  We stayed for hours.

I think as parents sometimes we just get comfortable that our kids know how to do certain things.  For example.  Nic has, I mean had, gone 4 days without an accident.  This child will sleep through the night and hold it until he gets to the potty…I am talking 12 to 14 hours but somehow cannot hold hit for an hour after arriving at McDonald’s.  Of course, the trusting soul that I am, I didn’t bring a change of cloths or underwear.  However, my sister is not so trusting of her two year old and she sent pull-ups and plastic grocery bags in the bag she sent with Ellie.  Of course, Ellie didn’t have any accidents. 

My friend thought I was terrible because I put his wet pants back on him.  I felt he should enjoy the wetness of it all and that it would possibly encourage him to tell me when he needs to go to the potty. 

Exactly how long does potty training take?  He was doing so well before…

How did the playing go?  This should sum it up:  “Go play.”  “Go play.”  “Go play.” “Get off the table.”  “No Hitting.”  “Go play.”  “Stay in the play area.”  “Stop getting my drink.”  “No”  “Go PLAY.” 

And eating was fun.  Ellie ate all her food.  Anna Kate ate some of her food.  Nic eventually ate his food when I fed him.  They all ate the fruit snacks I brought with me.  Ellie shared hers with Anna Kate and Anna tried to steal Nic’s.  Anna really, really likes fruit snacks. 

I must weigh the pros and cons.  Are playdates worth the trouble?  Technically, the idea is for the children to have interaction with other children; socialization.  Truthfully, they are so mom can have some time to hang her friends while the children play together in sweet harmony.  It’s good to have a dream.  Yes, I will try again.  And next time, I’ll bring some extra cloths and underwear.


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