Texas, Oh Texas


Texas, how I love you but you have deceived me.  Your pleasant sun shining weekend made me believe spring was on the way.  Crisp 71 degrees was even a little warm.  I thought about packing away my boots and looking for my flip-flops.  

But today, the wind was blowing and old man winter finally showed up for real.  17 degrees tonight.  That is Illinois cold. 

Please bring back our nice gulf breeze.  How I long for the humidity of summer…sigh.

How I wish I would have gone to the grocery store yesterday for I long to make soup and sit  in front of my fireplace but I have duralog (that’s what we city folks burn in our fireplaces if we don’t have gas).

Maybe the hubs will stop by the store for me….if Iwish hard enough and ask sweetly enough and promise to cook dinner.  Maybe I’ll just tell him we are out of toilet paper…which is almost true (it will be true in a another day).

What was that website my sister told me about that I can type in ingredients and get a recipe?  Ground Turkey and canned chili….hmm…no matter how I think about it, it doesn’t sound appealing.

I find this cold weather UNPLEASANT…to say the least.


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