The World According to Grace


I have a tendency to misquote.  When writing, if I include a quote, I have to track it down and verify it. 

My sister has a saying she uses with her kids.  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit”.   I’ve been quoting it “You get what you get and you don’t complain.”    She pointed out that the actual quote rhymes and that is why it is good for kids.  I told her…I am just reminding myself not to complain.  We had a good laugh about it though, she pointed out that I change quotes quiet often.

In honor of my previous post I would like to say…I just made orange-cranberry strudel muffins.  (In your face, Pioneer woman). 

Here is a picture of our Nic-nac.  My sis and I have been making these capes.  She gave this one to him and he LOVES it.  He wore it to Target today and asked to wear it to bed (by ask, I mean he brought it to me indicating he wanted it on).  We found out today that because of his being removed from our care last year, his speech is very delayed.  He doesn’t use many words and/or we cannot understand what he is saying.  Last year, I taught quiet a few signs (sign language).  However, his mom discouraged the signing and from my experience with her, she often spoke to him in “baby-talk” (although I repeatedly requested that she cut it out  – as per the speech therapist requests….I was nice about it). 

Tomorrow, I am taking the kids to the Jumpy Place.  It is going to get cold and wet in the next few days so we better have fun while we can.  I am completely THANKFUL that there is a Starbucks just down the street from my house.  I’ll need energy to keep up with TWO, two year olds.  They LOVE the Jumpy place.

Tomorrow people…  praise God while there is still time.


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