Momlog 4, 2011 Cursed Potty Training


Okay, I’m sick of potty training.  Yep, it has been two weeks and I’ve been peed on twice.  After four great days of no accidents, we had two yesterday which means over a span of a week we are having a 55% success rate.  As a type A personality who does NOT like being peed on, I am discussed and disappointed that we are not succeeding at this.

When, oh when does pee stop stinking so bad? 

My house looks crazy.  It is stinking cold outside (I haven’t even made my coffee yet).  And I would rather talk to my sister about how to post a menu across the top of our WordPress pages (we did NOT figure it out – so if you know, please share!) than cook breakfast.  This weather is not motivating me to get anything done.

Tomorrow we have a fostering class to take which means we will have no choice but to get out in this (literally) freezing weather. 

I’ve decided parenting is easier in the summer.  We go to the pool.  The baby wears himself out.  Eat lunch outside and he goes back in the pool (very little clean-up) and then he naps for 3 hours because he’s so stinking tired. 

I’ve heard (although we haven’t experienced it yet) that there are power outages in our area. Yeah! 

Did I mention I am out of diapers?  He has to have diapers for at night…. 

Dogs are easier to potty train than boys…that is my opinion today.


2 thoughts on “Momlog 4, 2011 Cursed Potty Training

  1. Linda Autrey

    Take a deep breath and step back. It is entirely normal for kids to succeed for a while, regress for a while (and sometimes even do some back and forth). It’s extremely frustrating and you’ll wonder what you’re doing wrong, when all of a sudden, he’ll get it. We started potty-training my daughter at about 18 mos. She did great for 6 mos. She’d only pee in the potty, but it was progress. At 2 she completely regressed for a few months and refused the potty all the time. We were told not to force it or create any anxiety around the issue. We started reintroducing the idea and she started to pee in the potty again. So, we encouraged her with things like a sticker chart in the bathroom and the Elmo Potty-time video, etc. Just after 2 1/2 she was completely potty-trained– pooped and peed in the potty. She still sleeps in a pull up at 3, but she only wets it maybe 1x per week, if that. This whole experience put my own type-A tendencies in their place. 😀 Patience…

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