Momlog 5 2011: Mom Genius


If you live anywhere in America (it seems) it is like Arctic cold.  Here in Texas it is in the teens…it is hard to describe how cold that is for us.  Let me put it this way, those lovely fireplaces we all have that we lite three times a year (once in September to take our Christmas photos – which turn out to be a sweaty mess, on Christmas to open gifts and take pictures and once in January it gets down to 33 degrees) have been burning for three days.  In fact, if this weather doesn’t let up, we are going to start burning up our antique furniture to keep warm.  Did I mention the electric company is doing rolling “burn outs” to regulate the electricity.  That may sound normal to some people but we simply NEVER have power outages unless a strong wind (aka a tornado or hurricane) took down some trees and they hit an electrical line.  This is Texas…we “make” oil.  The gas company hasn’t been experiencing any issues.  We really only need to layer on cloths that one day in January; “the coldest day of the year”.  Three or four days of this is enough.

This  morning, I was getting the boy ready to head out.  I put three shirts on him…one undershirt, one long sleeve t-shirt and a little polo shirt over the long sleeve shirt.  Thanks to my sister who lives in West Texas where it does get very cold during the winter, he has a very nice little snow coat.  When I got the pants, I had a dilemma.  The canvas pants were not going to be warm enough and who (here) buys long johns for a baby? 

He is wearing pajama bottoms under his pants today.  Genius.  They have the look of long johns and I figured it would work.  Moms have to work it out.

Of course, if he pees on himself, he’s up a creek without a paddle…freezing his little butt off.  (Would we consider that a “natural consequence”?)


One thought on “Momlog 5 2011: Mom Genius

  1. jbryans

    No, you take a change of clothes because he is still in the “training” stage and you are sweet and kind and you keep him from “freezing his little butt off”! Amen (as PW would say).

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