2 Corinthians 1:20
For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

This past Sunday, I was visiting my sister, Jenny out in West Texas.  Naturally, I attended their church on Sunday.  They attend Life Church (see 

Pastor Clint spoke about the promises of God and how we must passionately pursue them, believe they are for NOW, wage warfare with them, and there was one more (I wrote them down…in my Bible in the car…helpful).

I have been thinking about all this and the dreams and promises that have endured in my life over the years.  There are some promises that I know will happen…in God’s time…like babies.  I know it will happen because God has promised us.  There have been some dreams that have been put on the back burner and that have become stagnant.  Part of it is because I have become tired of “fighting”…at times it feels like I am pushing against a brick wall and there is no give. 

As he spoke on Sunday I wrote in my notes:  “How can we see the promise in others?  And help them see the promise?”

My dawning moment was 1. Surrounding myself with people who see greatness in me and who tug on that greatness actually strengthens the vision for me.  2. I am the type of person who USUALLY looks for the promise and the greatness in others; greatness begets greatness.  3. More recently, my frustration with the brick wall has caused me to give up on promises in myself and in others.  4. Good leaders SHOULD see the promise in others even if they do not “like” that person. (period).  That is good leadership.

So where do I go from here? 

I am a writer.  I love writing.  It may not always be good.  Sometimes it’s funny.  Sometimes it makes you think.  I’m not “amazing” every time.  But I hope someone get’s inspired. My sister has encouraged me to start really writing again….writing something every day. 

God’s promises are “YES” and “AMEN” (so be it)…there isn’t any wiggle room there…it’s not grey. 

Paul (the Apostle) told Timothy (young pastor) “This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare” (I Timothy 1:18).

The thing is, we were made for battle.  Even if the battle being waged is against a brick wall.  We must fight. 

A few years ago I wrote a book.  At one time I had a link here on my blog.  It is a book on prayer and not of great interest to everyone.  It’s been a little disappointing.  The content is good.  I need to have it edited and republished.  I was disappointed in the quality of product I produced.  As an inexperienced writer, I wish someone had advised to have it professionally edited.  (Not that I would have listened).  I am so thankful to everyone who worked on it for me but I made some mistakes.  I believed that somehow writing this book would open doors for me to teach intercessors about prayer.  It hasn’t happened.  Turns out, if they have the book, they really do not need me.  The dream has been fading.

Sunday reminded me.  Better even than the message (sorry, Pastor Clint) was the prayers of my brother-in-law.  He was sitting next to me during the service and prayed for me.  He didn’t pray for babies or a house or a new car…he prayed my heart; he prayed for our (Dennis and my) ministries.  He prayed that I would remember.

Today, I was reading my Bible; one of my favorite Psalms, Psalm 27. 

One thing I have desired of the LORD,
         That will I seek:
         That I may dwell in the house of the LORD
         All the days of my life,
         To behold the beauty of the LORD,
         And to inquire in His temple.
Psalm 27:4

I am remembering…

Tonight, I happen to catch a Ustream broadcast of my friend Charlie (see  He has these uniquely “Charlie” webinars…if that is what you call them.  Anyway, he told me that he saw a couple of people purchasing my book at the bookstore at Promiseland (see …don’t try that is NOT it…it’s something but it is NOT Promiseland in Austin, Texas).  And then he said he was going to buy up the additional copies to give to the church’s newest intercessors. 

Truth be told, I only have one copy left.  I am not at all sure what happened to all my hardback copies.  The book has “gone” places.  (At least I think it made it to Nigeria with Pastor Ani Simonson). 

At times we must allow and even ask God to fan the flame…especially when the flame has become an ember; it just needs a little fuel to burn brightly.  Even if the dream wasn’t “perfect”, it still produced a tangible resource.

Just in case you missed it…


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