What’s with the Post Office?


Remember that episode of Seinfeld when Kramer tries to cancel his mail?  Should I be afraid to post a blog about the post office?  Maybe.  I don’t want to be kidnapped and forced to talk to the postmaster….I hear the have their own “security” force.

So here’s the backstory.  I visited my sister this past weekend and she asked me to bring two capes back with her for my niece and nephew.   My other sister, had asked me to bring the capes.  Naturally, I wanted to be sure to do this so everyone would be happy and they wouldn’t have to talk about me behind my back later.   On the first day I arrived, my sister asked where she could put them and I told her a bag that I had from Cowgirls and Lace (one of my “stops” on the way out to see her).  She put the capes in the bag and we forgot about it.  When I was leaving, I had so many things to pack in the car and I thought, “I cannot forget those capes”.  There were two capes hanging in a bag in Jen’s front room so I grabbed them. 

When I finally got home, the hubs unpacked the truck and brought the capes inside (I would have left them in the truck since they were going to my sister).  I noticed the capes had different monogrammed letters on the back than my niece and nephews initials.  I grabbed two capes my sister had made for someone else.  I sent her a comment on Facebook telling her she was going to kill me.  She called me.  It turns out the capes are for our friend Jessica’s triplets and my punishment for grabbing them is that i had to mail them to Jessica in Humble.  Thus, my trip to the post office. 

Since I had to drive north to drop Nic-nac off to play, I decided to go to the post office in Buda.  There is a quilting shop that I wanted to visit downtown.  I get to the Buda post office and it is closed. Not like inclement weather closed like they closed down.  

I went ahead to the quilting shop which is fabulous….they easily stock over 3000 bolts of fabric.  I bought one fabric to finish off a cape for one of the girls in our Sunday school class and another piece for a burp cloth for a friend who is having a baby. 

So back to the post office story.  I head to the post office in Kyle which is completely out of my way.  When I get out of the truck, I notice, only two capes.  I mentioned our friend has triplets.  I was soooo afraid that I lost a cape somewhere between my sister’s living room and the post office.  Quick phone call to my sister…she is still working on cape #3.  Big sigh of relief.  There were three people waiting in line inside the post office.  I needed a priority mailer which is unreachable unless you are one of the two people at the front of the line.  I had to ask someone “excuse me” in order to reach one.  I walked to the counter only to realize I had not grabbed a label.  Why can’t we just write the address on the box?  Why do we need special labels?  Another customer handed me a label.  Honestly, all they would have to do is turn a fixture around and the supplies would be available to more people.  They want you have your package ready when you get to the front of the line and there is no work room after the fixture.  While I am writing out the address and affixing the label three guys go in front of me.  Another guy comes in and I tell him he can go ahead.  He was nice, he said, “Are you almost finished?” I said “Yes” so he said he could wait.  The other three guys weren’t so nice about it.  When I get back in line there are 5 people in front of me because of course, in our nice sized post office, with 4 or 5 registers there is ONLY ONE EMPLOYEE WORKING!  (Makes me want to say F.O.N. – my brother-in-law, John’s saying Freaks of Nature).  Finally, another employee comes out and says, “Is anyone picking up a package” (as if she cannot help anyone sending a package).  The nice guy who let me stay in front of him in line was moved to the front of the line (good for him).

Meanwhile, a woman I know (friend of a friend deal) came in.   I recognized her but I not am losing my place in line.  Plus, every time I’ve seen or met her, it seems like she really does NOT like me.  Of course, I think she is an F.O.N. because I am extremely likable.  And she hasn’t had enough interaction with me NOT to like me. I tried to make eye contact to say “Hi” but she avoided me.  Once the guy behind me got his package, she had to move up in the line (only one person between us) and she sort of had to say “Hi” or appear very rude.  She said “Hi” and faked smiled me.  That made me laugh (seriously, I laughed out loud – I was thinking, “Well, don’t be happy about having to say ‘Hi’.”)  It was weirdly funny. 

Back to the post office…does anyone know where they moved the post office in Buda?  Or did they just close it?  Are they working on closing the one in Kyle because right now there are only two people working there.

They could resolve a lot of issues by putting one of those postage machines in the lobby.  Two men in the line were simply purchasing postage.  Seriously.


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