Momlog 6 2011: Potty Training Saga


If you are keeping up, you know I’ve been a little frustrated with the potty training.  I’ve been looking for a laminated reward chart.  Judy told me she found one in the dollar spot at Target…I’d give at least $3 for one.

I found some cute “star” stickers in different sizes and colors.   

Since I don’t have the chart, I have just been letting him pick out a sticker and sticking it to the back of his hand.  (Although, I don’t like the idea of putting stickers or temporary tattoos on kids…wouldn’t want to plant any seeds for future tattoos; I’m not a fan).  Naturally, I have also been finding stickers all over the house because he sticks and unsticks them until  all the stickiness is gone.

I may not need a chart.  We had an accident free day.  The hard part is not allowing him to have the stickers when he doesn’t go potty.  There are no rewards for just sitting on the potty. 

I made chili for dinner tonight.  I took a portion out for Nic before adding the red pepper.  the chili had sufficiently cooled before I allowed him to eat it.  He was eating it up.  Had chili all over his face, his hands, his clothes…pretty much everywhere.  He seemed to love it.  However, he kept telling us “hot, hot”.  We were laughing which just egged him on.  I told him to fan his mouth. Which he did for sheer entertainment purposes. For dessert I gave him some activia yogurt (his grandma is a nurse and she told me activia yogurt is safe for kids). 

Later, the hubs was putting him to bed and said his breath was not so great.  Which turned out to be just the reminder he needed to make sure the baby brushed his teeth before going to sleep.

All I know for sure is, I don’t want that chili to come back on me….changing a dirty diaper in the morning would not be a good start to the day.


One thought on “Momlog 6 2011: Potty Training Saga

  1. Had this conversation on FB and it cracked me up…

    Friend: ok. really. you should do the m&m thing. three every time he goes potty. I’m telling you it works.
    Friend: oh. and be sure to clap. or…do the “potty dance.”
    Me: He’s not into candy. He likes fruit snacks more than cookies. He loves stickers. 😀 I might have to try it though.
    Friend: then…fruit snacks…and don’t forget the dance.
    Friend: the dance is key.
    Me: I’m not sure I have a “potty dance” in me. But I may be able to muster up a ” you didn’t pee this time dance”.
    about a minute ago · LikeUnlike

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