Rules of Life According to Grace I


There are a few rules in life that I live by…besides moral laws laid out in the Bible and the law of the land (both of which I try very hard to follow…and I’m sure that 5 miles over the speed limit isn’t really speeding mostly).   Over the years, I have come up some of my very own little rules.  Here is one of my favorites.

When my friend Jennifer Middleton was getting married, she asked me to be in here wedding.  She also asked my friend Angela.  We were doing the bridesmaid thing.  She tried very hard to pick a dress that would be flattering.  Unfortunately, Angela and I are both “top-heavy” (for lack of a better description) and our “top-heaviness” is homegrown not manmade.  In general, ours can be a difficult body type to dress…we know because we have to dress ourselves all the time.  She picked a strapless dress which neither of us would have chosen (sorry Jennifer…it was a lovely dress).  We wouldn’t have chosen it because in order to fit over “the girls” we had to purchase huge sizes of the dress and have it altered.  For example, at the time I wore a size 8 or 10 (in formal wear you usually have to go up a size – but I had purchased two other formals that year for Maudi Gras and one was an 8 and one was a 10)  but they had to order me a size 16 and then try somehow to fit my waist and hips.  I will see if there is a picture somewhere…Jen isn’t on Facebook and I do not have any pictures from here wedding (Or I deleted or “lost” them). 

Here are a few pictures of all of us:

The Ya-yas Valentining

This picture was a year or two before Jennifer got married.  She actually lost weight before her wedding…

Jennifer's Wedding Hair

Here is a picture taken a week or so before her wedding.  Jen has that beautiful very straight Ms. Breck hair.  I told her I could get it to curl.  With some help from Sebastian hairspray, I fixed her hair for her wedding.  Pretty.

After searching and asking Angela, I found we did not keep any pictures of ourselves from Jennifer’s wedding.  (That’s another rule.  I do not keep “bad” pictures of myself…deleted or shredded.  This also explains why we haven’t had family pictures taken since our wedding).

When we went to order our dresses, there were two girls working at the Bridal store.  They were clearly either 17 or 20 (they were not over 22 years old).  They had a combined weight of 210…maybe.  The girls took our measurements and then asked up how old we were and what our weight was.  What the heck?  You just took my measurements why do you need my age or my weight?  I looked at the young lady and said, “I am over 30 and I do not have to tell anyone my age or my weight.”  I said it in a funny way.   Angela (who I think I sometimes bring out the spunkiness in) said, “Me, either” and Even Jennifer’s sister, Jenna who wasn’t yet 30 (I think) said, “No, way”.   After we walked out of that store the girls told me, “I am so glad you said that.  There was no way I was telling them my weight”.

They managed to get our dresses ordered without our weight or our age.  I will say, the dresses fit Angela and I like tents (a look we generally avoid). 

The rule was established.  Once you hit 30 you no longer have to share your weight or your age.


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