Momlog 7: Visitor Post


One of my friends who shall remain nameless told me this story tonight.  She gave me permission to tell her story on the Momlog…because after all, every mom has a few stories.

To preface the story, she has three boys ages 5 and under the youngest just turned two.  He is not yet potty trained although she is considering it.  He can be a bit of a handful and I have on several occasions caught him eating non-food items.  For example, on several occasions, I found him eating paper.  I tell him, “We don’t eat paper, put it in the trash” which he does.

She is visiting a large church where her family has ties to the to pastor(s).  When she notices the child needs his diaper changed.  The pastor tells her she can change him there…rather than going to the ladies room or nursery.  This was a non-service situation.  She starts changing him and notices something kind of white in the pooh.  She thinks he is “foaming” so she starts wiping it with a wet wipe.  She said she didn’t know what to do.  She was looking for her husband because she thought they needed to take the baby to the hospital or something.  The “foam”  isn’t wiping off so she kind of catches it in the wipe and realizes it is something…not foam, so she pulls it.  It was a 5 or 6 inch “rope”.  Yes, the child had somehow eaten a piece of string of some sort and it passed through his system. 

She was mortified and didn’t want anyone to notice.  She also said that as she was pulling it out, the child is making the strangest faces. 

Maybe you had to be there for the telling of the story, not the diaper change.


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