Aah, Technology


This Article about parent’s texting (click here) prompted this post…along with the opportunity to poke a little fun at my parents.   The article made me laugh.

My mom and dad do kind of “keep up” with technology.  They need to purchase some new computers.  My dad just added memory to his computer (desktop).  I told him he should just buy a laptop.  He told me he doesn’t need one because he doesn’t want to take his computer anywhere.  I can’t really see him sitting at Starbucks checking his email. 

He used to read this blog but he always checked it through Facebook but he took his profile off of Facebook because he felt so much pressure to “keep up”.  Apparently, he thought that he had to comment on every status update his friends posted.  Sometimes his comments didn’t really relate to the post but he just had to comment.  He said it took up too much time.  Bless his heart. 

My mom never used to text.  She said “I don’t text”.  Then her phone just wasn’t working (she says it kept turning off but Dennis used the phone for a few months after he destroyed his phone – he’s hard on phones, it didn’t seem to turn off for him).  She ended up with a phone with a keyboard (not sure how that happened).  Now she texts me.  Usually to tell me what I did wrong (forgot the boy’s bag when I dropped him off) or something like that.

My dad doesn’t have a texting phone but he knows that texting is a good way to keep in touch with me.  Don’t get me wrong, he can text with his phone but it doesn’t have a keyboard so it takes forever to compose a message…he has figured out a way to get around this.  He emails messages to my phone.  Did I mention my inbox is full?  Because when people email messages, the system splits them into multiple messages to accommodate the texting format. 

My parents have come a long way.  They have caller ID on their TV now.  However, they simply cannot understand why I want an Iphone.  My dad says it just for “games”.  I’m not sure he “gets” the whole “application” thing.  I would love to be able to pull up my shopping list that was generated from the all recipes app while I am at the grocery store.  I’m just sayin’. (Okay, admittedly, I rock at Angry Birds)

I am going to have to stop using “I’m just sayin'” because my dad used it today.  Remember when everyone would say “Big Time” (I always detested that one)?  It because really uncool to me…big time, when my mom started using it.  She still uses it…I’m just sayin’.  (Seriously, I’m not using it anymore).

I think it’s kind of the same with technology.  Once my mom bought a phone with a keyboard…my phone wasn’t cool any more even thought I can text soooo much faster than her.  If my dad ever does buy a laptop, I’ll have to have one of those new pad computers.


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