Momlog 8 2011; I am losing count


I am losing count of which Momlog I am on…that’s pretty much  my life.

To all you experienced moms out there, I have a few questions.

1. Will my house ever be clean again?

2.  Will the boy ever learn to use the potty by himself?

3. Will he ever listen the first time or the second time or the third time without me having to change my tone or increase my volume?  (He can put his underwear on my himself….this morning, I sent him to his room with a pair of underwear – he has nothing on his bottom half.  I come in a few minutes later and because my husband is “around” – I say “around” because he was there but doing nothing to help get out the door- the child is just standing there looking clueless still half naked. I have also lost count of how many times I told him to put the underwear on. I tell him again, in the slightly higher tone, slightly louder…the hubs is like “What’s the problem?”  Have you seen this kid eat breakfast?  That takes about 47 minutes.  You have about 14 minutes to get out the door – of course I didn’t say this.  I also did  not say, “Get out” but the look on my face may have expressed it because he walked out mumbling to himself.  I would totally put the task of getting the boy ready and out the door but sometimes he had trouble matching his own cloths and I have stopped commenting except on rare occassions like this past Sunday when he was preaching and he wanted to wear an unironed, lime green shirt that has at least two holes in it.  He got mad at me for commenting and making him change.  Seriously?  He said he wasn’t going to take his jacket off.  What?  He is kind of winning at the clothes war because I simply do not have time to dress everyone in the house.)

5. Is it just me or does it seem like kids don’t listen when I am in a hurry?  It seems like when I do not have the time to exercise extreme patients is when he chooses to be clueless. 

5. Is it okay if you accidentally forgot to brush the child’s teeth one day or two days?  (It has only been one day but I am not sure what tomorrow holds).

6. How many days in a row a child wear the same socks before it becomes gross?

Out for now…I think I am burning something in the kitchen.  I never used to burn things.


3 thoughts on “Momlog 8 2011; I am losing count

  1. jbryans

    well, for starters, we have to manage our time better. I lose it the most with my kiddos when trying to get out of the house and then I have this little thing called the Holy Spirit remind me that if I had gotten up earlier and more prepared then this would not be happening and I would not be tearing into the sweet children who really are not responsible for me staying up way too late and then being rushed in the morning. Amen

  2. judydean

    1. We’re 7 years and counting and our house is still dirty.
    2. Yes, he will eventually be potty trained. He may be more like 3 or 3 1/2 when this happens.
    3. Let me know when this works out for you. I have friends with teens who are still asking the same question. 🙂
    5. (4.) The little mongrels. They do this on purpose! I don’t think they really have a concept of being in a hurry.
    5. I think you’re safe on this one.
    6. The younger the child the more days in a row they can wear those socks. Just wait until he turns in to a big kid like Evan. I make Evan turn his own dirty clothes right side out before washing. Yuck!

  3. Linda Autrey

    1. Nope, sorry.
    2. Yep, trust in this.
    3. Probably not.
    4. Definitely not just you.
    5. We’ll give you a Mompass on this one.
    6. I wouldn’t go more than 3. LOL!

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