Momlog 9 2011 and the Post Office


First, my husband thought my last Momlog was “funny” only he didn’t sound humored when he told me.

I went to the post office in Lockhart today.  It is a small post office and only one employee was working the front although there were 8 people in line.  He was very helpful.  Rather ironic fact, his name was Cliff (think Cheers for those of you over 14 yrs old).  I picked up a priority flat rate box that was $14.95.  He weighed the box and told me I could mail it priority box for only $9 and then went and found a box for me.  Thanks Cliff.  When I left, there were 9 people in line. 

Nic is starting to talk more and more.  I’ve been training him to say, “My name is Nic and I’m two”.  Everyone thinks he is so cute when he does it so of course he does it more because most kids are hams.  We noticed after this weekend, that he has started talking more and more.  This is good because I’ve been working with him and the speech therapist comes next week.  And I really like to be “sucessful” at things and I know she isn’t going to be impressed with my house cleaning skills.

Today he gave me a cape  (an extra one I have for one of the kids at church) to put on.  At the time I was madly trying to clean the house because we are supposed to have small group.  I am exhausted.  Catered a lunch today which my kitchen still hasn’t recovered from.  The house is NOT clean but it is cleaner than it was.  Because I was gone all day, I am thinking of making chicken and waffles.  The chicken is the oven… onto the waffles. This cape is making me hot…how does Supergirl do it?


One thought on “Momlog 9 2011 and the Post Office

  1. Oh, totally forgot to tell you. Nic went to hang out with Grace and Gabe today. It must be super fun at their house. Erin told me that he ate lunch in 20 minutes today; a sandwich, yogart and something else. She even gave him a sticker and then she read my blog and said she had a good laugh. He just has to prove me wrong.

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