The Lastest News


We are on our way to being “official” foster parents after taking one of our classes today and passing along enough information for our identities to be eternally stolen.

The boy is starting to talk like crazy. We only understand him about 1/3 of the time.  I am happy with him trying.  That’s our motto around here….”Try, try, try”.

The boy’s dad has said that he would be willing to sign over all legal rights, allowing us to adopt which is what we would like to do.  Mom is MIA right now. 

I would like to find a job.  Well, that isn’t exactly true.  I would like for us to have more money.  I would like to write and take Nic on playdates all the time without worrying about what funds are available.  If I could find something I could do at home, it would be great.  Next week…we are staying home because mama is outta money. (Hey, does anyone need cookware, knives, baking stones??   Have a Pampered Chef party…help me out 😀  A couple of parties would help fund a few trips to the Jumpy Place )

Oh, despite the lack of funds, we found out there is a good chance we will qualify for a mortgage.  Praise GOD!!  Seriously.  We will find out next week what the outcome is on that…the outcome being how much we qualify for.   In the meantime, I once again need to gather up enough data for someone to take over our identities.


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