Momlog 10, 2011; Poop


If you are easily grossed out…stop reading now.  I nearly threw up in my mouth when this happened.

The boy has been pretty good about pooping in the potty.  It sometimes takes him a long time to get the poop out.

This morning after brunch, he seemed like he needed to go to the bathroom.  He still isn’t actually telling me that he needs to go potty. We headed to the bathroom. He will usually tell me when he is finished by saying, “All done”. 

So I sat him on the potty and I headed out to do something constructive (like check my Facebook account).  The TV was on and an American Picker marathon was on so I started watching.  Two commercials later,  I call out to the boy to find out if he is finished.  He didn’t really answer.  So I waited thru two more commercial breakes and he said “All done”.  So I headed in to check out the situation.  He still does not say if he pooped or peed.  It smelled kind of stinky. So I check the toilet.  No poop.  So I told him to bend over so I could check out his bottom for stray poop.  Oh no, there was the beginning of a huge dark stinky turd.  I nearly gagged.  Back on the potty. 

Needless to say, I left him alone until he called me…after the poop had been successfully extricated.  I am so looking forward to the day he can go to the potty by himself.  That will be a “Hallelujah day”.


One thought on “Momlog 10, 2011; Poop

  1. This too shall pass. My son is 19 and a college student. The potty training thing seems like it takes forever (my nephew was almost five before he was completely trained!) but in the grand scheme of things there will come a day when you look at that 6’1,’ 200# man with the scruffy beard and baritone voice who only comes around to get his clothes washed and to raid your checking account, and you’ll wonder what happened to your little boy. It happens faster than you think. 🙂

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