Momlog 11, 2011; Blanket Time


My sister, Jenny (her blog is listed in my blogroll), taught me everything I know about parenting.  haha.  She taught me a lot.  When her son was 9 months old, I moved in “to help her out”.  At least that is what we all said.   I lived with them and took care of Sam for one year.  This also explains the deep bond I have with my nephew….I wiped his booty a lot and cleaned up his boogers. Jenny and her husband, John had taken a class called, “Growing Kids God’s Way” and she quoted it to me quiet a bit.  Now that they have a second child, I think they have thrown some of those ideas out the window.

One of the things they taught in “Growing Kids God’s Way” is to establish “Blanket Time” for your child.  Choose a few toys that they are only allowed to play with at a certain time when you put down a blanket.  It is supposed to help them focus and create a “quiet” time during the day for you. 

When Nic-Nac came to live with us, I established “Blanket Time” with him.  Mostly he would play with Puzzles or Mr. Potato Head that has a million parts.  I picked these items because I don’t want to lose “parts”. ( I just hate when toys have missing parts…it bugs me like a pet peeve).  Part of “Blanket Time” is the child staying on the blanket and keeping the toys on the blanket.  Now he has more puzzles, blocks, another toy with multiple parts…you get the picture.

Now that he is nearly three, I feel like I can just allow him to sit on the floor and play without actually having to put the blanket down.  Besides, the blanket I started all this with is pretty small in comparison with how much he has grown.

A few days ago, I gave him Mr. Potato Head.  I went into the kitchen to start cooking.  In a few minutes, he came in and gave me the little blanket.  Apparently, he wasn’t going to be able to have any fun without the blanket.  Proving once again that children crave boundaries.  I went and put the blanket down…it was a party.


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