Marlboro Man


Okay, so my sister got me into reading The Pioneer Woman’s Blog (click here).  I read all her blogs about how she met and married her husband.  She never tells us his name, only calls him “Marlboro Man” because he reminded her of him.  He’s a rancher and all that goes with that.  Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman wrote a book, “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” (Probably more polished than the blog).  Although, Miss Ree post some gorgeous pictures on her blog, I have never seen an honest to goodness picture of her husband. 

So my sister and her step-daughter have been reading the book and decided to take a road trip (girl trip) to Dallas to get their books signed.  They have both been posting on Facebook about their trip.  Melissa, Jenny’s step-daughter, posted that the “whole family” would be with Miss Ree.  I thought I was the only one…but…other friends posted, “Please get a picture of Marlboro Man and post it for us.” 

They got the picture.  I am sure my sister will post it on her Blog (click here). She posted it on Facebook but unfortunately, I cannot steal her thunder and copy and post it here…it is her story after all.

That Miss Ree is one smart lady.  She sucked us all into her life and we want to know more.


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