Momlog 12, 2011: One good day


Every time I post a “Momlog” I have to look up the number…because I’ve lost count.  I suppose there is just too much to remember.  I finished reading The Pioneer Woman’s “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” posts on her blog (click here).  She numbered all her posts (over 30) in Roman numerals.  I kept thinking I was going to going to miss one because my Roman numeral knowledge is rusty. Is XXXX really 40?  That’s why I am keeping my numbering system, traditional American numeral. 

Today was a good day.  No potty incidents…YEAH!  I’m doing the “potty dance”.   We went to the park and everything and no accidents.  I know, one day does not a trained child make.

We’ve been working on learning letters.  Nic has “A” down pat.  He cannot say “B” yet so he calls it “A” as well.  What is funny is I am using Starfall (click here).  The first day I used it, I didn’t realize the user can click on the letter and get “more”.  We were getting “B” for “ball” and totally missing out on “bouncing ball” and “big brown bear”, oh, and “boy”.  We worked on it for about 15 minutes today.  Then later he colored. 

I think he knows his colors.  It something we worked on before.  When I am putting his crayons away, I ask him to hand me specific colors.  He plays dumb.  (Which is intolerable to me…I cannot stand for anyone to “play” dumb).  He usually does great when it is just us.  The Hubs was home and sitting with us so he acted like he didn’t know blue…and that is one color he knows.  So I told him if he was going to be silly that I wasn’t going to play.  Dennis (in his wisdom) asked if he could help.  So he did it and started playing correctly and then asked Nic if he wanted a turn.  Nic then gave me the correct color crayon as I asked for remaining crayons.  Toot. 

Later, I was giving him a bath and he has bath letters. I usually give him only 4 or 5 letters so we can practice.  Since we are focusing on “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” those are the letters I put in the bath…and they are all different colors.  He easily showed me the correct letter when I asked for him to show them me (“Which one is ‘D’?”).  When I asked him what the letter was, he said, “B” was “A”.  (He also calls Dennis “Mamma” all the time…I am a little concerned.  Ellie, our niece, knows exactly who Dennis is…her Tio and she isn’t around us all the time).  Then I asked him to show me the “red” letter (D), the “yellow” letter (C), ect.  He did it perfectly. 

Jenny suggested that I should consider homeschooling him.  (wide-eyed) Really?  We are on the first four letters and eight colors and he is pushing my buttons with playing dumb. I am not sure I could take a full on homeschooling situation.  

My thoughts on it right now is to ignore it when he intentionally gets things wrong.  I think he does it to get attention.  Instead, I am giving him more positive attention when he does it correctly. 

Tonight as I tucked him in, we thanked Jesus for a very good day and asked for a good day tomorrow.  Then I told him how good he was today and that he is smart and can do anything.


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