Momlog 13, 2011; Smarty Pants


The hubs sometimes says things that are “smart” and I say, “Don’t be a smart alec” To which he says, “You don’t want me to be smart”.  To which, I roll my eyes.

Today we had speech services for Nic-Nac.  He is definitely behind.  In our first meeting with the speech therapist, he did not say a sentence, barely said understandable words.  Today, first thing, He speaks a whole sentence to her.   She was impressed.

They did a series of test to find out where he is.  This child who has plays like he doesn’t know anything as if he cannot identify his colors.  Today, he totally shows off.  Aces almost every test.  We have to work on sizes and problem solving.  It was not surprising that he lacks in the area of problem solving…how do I teach him how to problem solve?  I see a “google” in my future.

All of this confirms what I have always thought…he is smart.  And expectations are good.


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