Momma Says…


Spent a couple of hours with my mom today.  She is so funny.  My mom doesn’t want anyone to know this (so let’s keep it between us) she is really a kitchen table psychologist (or is it psychiatrist?) and a doctor.  Bottom line, she had a lot of wisdom but only gives it out if you ask her.  Every once in a while she will bust out with something unsolicited but in general she waits until you ask her for advise. 

Today she was telling me the ladies from her church are going to do something tonight.  I already knew about this because the “something” is a retreat and my sister is going.    I asked her why she never goes to these things…and told her she should go because she has a lot to offer the young mothers who attend her church.  (Seriously, she’s the best doctor around, she can look at almost any rash and tell you what it is, without looking it up on WebMD.  She always know when a child is ready to be potty trained and what they will or will not eat.  She’s a mom genius.) 

Here’s what “Momma says”…  She told me that the women are always planning things on the weekend, like Friday nights and Saturdays.  That is time she likes to spend with my Dad (after 40 years of marriage).   She went on to say that these young women who always want “time away” from their spouse are headed for trouble (I can definitely understand needing some time away from the little ones).   She says we should like spending time with our husbands.

Then she asked, “Why do people get married if they aren’t going to be together?” 

I told her I did it for the cushy “housewife job”.  The only problem is when I interviewed for the job they left some stuff out.  (Actually, a friend of mind posted on Facebook the other day that his job was turning out to be more than they told him it would be – something to that effect and I commented that they never tell you about cleaning the toilets).  I was completely unaware of the toilet cleaning (no one ever tells you about that one), the laundry, and of being a short order cook….oh, and floors.  Turns out there is a reason housewives are desperate.  We just want to eat a meal we don’t have to cook and clean up (the hubs is good about taking on cleaning duty) or clean someone else up afterwards.  We love staying at a hotel where we get to climb into a made up bed that we didnt’ make up (who am I kidding?  I hardly ever make the bed).

In conclusion….momma says, “You should enjoy spending time with the person you are going to marry because there is going to be a lot of time to spend…sometimes more time than money.”  (I make momma sound good)

Hopefully, I will think of some more of the things my momma says…


3 thoughts on “Momma Says…

  1. Kathy

    It is a good thing she took her hubby with her on this last cruise…. 🙂 The prior one she went on was all ladies. Know what I mean…. 🙂 Love Susan…she is a good friend!

  2. Dad

    I’m so thankful we enjoy sending time together. After 40 plus years we are still so much in love! What I appreciate about her is she gives me space to do the things I want to do and not complain. Like go to a mens prayer group on Monday nights, when I have to stay little late at work etc. and likewise I give her space and support if she wants to go see Jenny in Big Spring and be gone far a week! Or spend a day offwith her lady friends playing games, shopping eating and sharing precious memores of bygone days. (: Yes I have to say after 40 plus years I’m glad God put it in here heart to marry me. I can’t imagine living with out her. Oh yes and about Mom’s wisdom…Bishop Phillps said , I think more than once, “Men listen to your wives”. Good advice. She even gives me good advice! (: I wish I had learned that earlier in our marriage! 🙂 Love that sky diving Nanna!!!

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