Momlog 15, 2011; Moms don’t get sick


It feels like the flu.  Instead of going to church, I am waiting for Covenant Church to start their live service.  The hubs took the boy and headed to church..which is good and bad.  Who is going to bring me some crackers?

I woke up yesterday feeling beat up.  I thought it was because we stayed up late watching a movie.  It felt like a hangover but I hadn’t been drinking.  My joints were achy and I felt a little nausea. I had things to do so Nic and I were off for the day. 

We met his biological Nana for brunch at Cracker Barrel.  We both love breakfast and Nic is really good at restaurants. 

After brunch, Nic and I hit the Old Navy (40% off everything in the store…even clerance items). I bought a couple of things and a birthday gift for a 6 year old (Batman t-shirt….I didn’t even realize he was having a Batman party).  Near the Old Navy (we are the Outlet Mall in San Marcos, TX – the largest Outlet mall in Texas for those of you unfamiliar) there is a new store called “naartjie kids“.  The display seemed unusual.  To me the clothes looked a little “European”.  They were bright colors mixed in with many greys and neutrals, very detailed and not the “same ole, same ole”.  So we went in.  They were a little high in price (I had just purchased a shirt for myself for $5 so $14.95 for a t-shirt for a little boy is a little high).  However, they were having a sale.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a sale and I believe I have “shopping favor” (I always find the best deals).  I was hooked.  I purchased $50 worth of merchandise for $11.01. (Woohoo!!!) 

Apparently the company is from South Africa but now manufacture in the United States.  We met a lady, who I believe was from South Africa (she spoke to me and had a lovely accent….aren’t we Texans just fascinated with a British, Australian or South African accent??.  A little later, she was telling her husband, “Should we purchase some of these and mail them to Madison?  Clothes are so expensive there.”  That is crazy that is would be cheaper to buy and mail cloths to another country than to purchase the same clothes there.

In any case, we finished our shopping and headed to Noah’s birthday party.  I feel like I was chatty cathy.  I felt like if I didn’t keep talking, I was going to fall asleep…so I talked to everyone and made wise cracks.  I feel a little awkward about it now.

Severn hours after we left the house, we headed home.  I wasn’t sure I was going to make it…I did.  By the time I got home, I was burning up with fever and seriously questioning the piece of cake I ate (it was good but I felt so gross after two bites).  I couldn’t get up.  I laid in bed and called for the Hubs, who had the tv blaring watching (whatever he wanted) Medical Emergency show (I like mystery diagnosis not really into any other medical type shoes…gross).  It was okay that I didn’t watch it because eventually the hubs kept coming in and giving me updates (nice).  Nic was walking past and I told him “Go get Daddy.  Get his hand and bring him in here.”  (How old before you can send your kid as “go between”…when is that “age appropriate”?)  I hear him go into the living room and say, “Come ear. Come ear”.   The Hubs thought he was playing around and didn’t come.  Eventually, he did miss me and come to check on me.  He touched me and verified the fever.  He brought me our last bottled water (the water in Kyle isn’t all that great for drinking) and some Tylenol.  Around 10:30 the fever broke.  It came back sometime in the wee hours of the morning…I could not stop shivering.

The hubs has taken over boy duties.  This morning, he dressed him for church and I approved the outfit.  This time, the baby brought different items from his closet to show me and the hubs and I yelled back and forth (loud talking, not like passionate, “fighting” yelling).  We yelled things like, “That one is too small (18 months …plus total spring/summer but I didn’t go into that).  Check the other end of the closet (where all his current fitting dress cloths are hung).”   I did finally get up and go get something. 

The thing with all of it is, I don’t remember my mom getting sick….ever.  I remember her having a “lady surgery”(I am not sure what that was).  She must have been in pain in order for them to do a surgery.  I just don’t remember it.  She ran a daycare….that is a breeding ground for sickness. If my mom got sick, things would have fallen apart at the house. Which is why mom’s don’t get sick.

Hopefully, I will bounce back from this quickly….because the house is already starting to look a more dishevelled than it normally does.


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