“Those People”


Backstory:  As a couple with no children (until last year), when we would be out late, and see people with their kids who were throwing a fit or running wild or eating junk food late at night we would roll our eyes and tell each other, “Let’s not be ‘those people’.”  Also, my husband is hispanic (this may be important…I don’t want anyone to be offended).

Friday night around 8 p.m. we were getting the boy ready for bed.  He was sitting on the potty.  I was in his room stretching my back out on an exercise capsule (think yoga ball but in capsule shape).  The hubs came in and sat on the bed.  I told him, “Hey, let’s put his pajama’s on him and go over to Starbucks for a coffee.  We can be ‘those people’.”  Then we both laughed. 

We are very good about getting home at a reasonable time so the boy can go to sleep.  We learned from my sister, who once again was quoting “Growing Kids God’s Way” that  children most often misbehave when they are hungry or tired and tired is the biggy.  Not that is never happens.

The Hubs says, “Yeah, and then he starts to get cranky we can say, ‘Here, mijo (spanish word of affection for children that has perminated the Texas culture), eat this cookie (those huge cookies at Starbucks).  Mijo, what’s wrong with you, sit down, stop running around.  Come here, mijo.  What’s wrong with him?  His eyes are rolling back in his head.  Mijo, stop it.  Stop hitting the nice lady.  Let’s go’.” 

We had a good laugh and put the boy to bed.  I made some coffee and we stayed home.  We just couldn’t bring ourselves to be “those people”.

But we aren’t judging you if you are “those poeple”…take that baby home and put him to bed, he needs his sleep.


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