Momlog 16, 2011 Update and one more story about poop


Since I have been sick the hubs has been taking care of the boy.  They are thick at thieves and this morning after the hubs took him to the potty, he went to his room and pooped his pants.  We have no idea why.  He just didn’t tell us he needed to go.

What was funny is I came into the bathroom as the poop was smearing down the boy’s legs because Dad was trying to take the pull-up off (thankfully, he was still wearing a pull-up) by having the boy step out of it.  I reminded him that pull-ups velcro off on the sides.  It was a two-man job or a one man-one woman job.  Plus, I needed to come in and remind the boy that he was in trouble and would not receive a star sticker (he usually gets two for poop…I’ll have to tell you about them…they are all over my house).

Most of my readers know that we have been fostering Nic through a voluntary kinship foster.  Which means we have been babysitting for free.  Since we have done this voluntarily, we have not been subject to the state guidelines that restrict sharing information about the child as well as publishing his/her image anywhere.  This time may be coming to an end.

A date has been set by Family Protective Services to officially take Nic into state custody.  He would stay with us but officially, we would be foster parents.  I say this because I am not sure if I will be allowed to write a momlog anymore.  I am pretty sure, I won’t.  I am 99.9% sure.

I am hoping to compile the momlog into a book.  I know, it seems like I have many little short posting. However, I’ve never written about how we started out…and that is an interesting story.  I’ve never really written about how horrifying it was to me to let him walk away…

The hubs has agreed to read and add his thoughts and perspective on the whole story too….it should be fun.  So while I may not be writing a momlog after the next two weeks, I will still be writing.  I will keep you all posted.

Since I was sick and I really hated the idea of leaving Nic with anyone other than a close family member or someone he knows well (three lovely friends were willing to take care of him and one he is very familiar which I was comfortable with), we did not go on our Dallas trip.  Since the hubs was already off work, we decided to take a little adventure.  So I pricelined San Antonio.  When I traveled all the time (I used to be a roadwarrior for work…on the road 50% or more of the time) I was the queen of “name your price” (I thought I was).  As I write, I am sitting on a buttery-tan leather sofa in downtown San Antonio while the boys “nap” (the little boy is napping the big boy is laying in a very comfortable bed playing with his toy, the droid).  Yes, I got a great deal(I love a deal!!)…$61 with all the priceline fees for a 3 star hotel on the Riverwalk (not sure it is the best part of the Riverwalk we haven’t checked it out yet).  I will post pictures and a hotel review.  I brought my camera but not the connection cable. 

More to come….


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