Off to see the Doctor


Since I’ve been sick, I scheduled an appointment to see the doctor today.  Since the hubs had taken off a few days so we could take a little vacation it was our family outing.  A little pitiful, I know.  And since I’ve been sick and I haven’t been to the grocery store.  We have plenty of food in the house it just doesn’t “go together” and you cannot live by cereal alone.  The hubs is great about picking up a few things from the store but when it comes to menus, budgets and coupons, well, that’s my department.  We decided to stop and get a bite to eat.  I really wanted a good turkey sandwich and if we would have had time, we would have gone to Jason’s Deli.  We passed up the Texas Pie Company thinking we would try out the Java Cup in Plum Creek.  Only one problem…the Java Cup (or is it called the Cup of Java) doesn’t server food except for bagels.  Really?  On top of it, they are apparently expanding and there is sawdust everywhere.  I was questioning if the place was even sanitary enough to be serving coffee.  There are many fans of the Java Cup who will probably have something to say so in advance…I’m sorry.  The place was a hot mess (that’s not a good thing).

The Doctor wasn’t far behind.  Why is it the nurse asks you a million questions and then the doctor comes in and asks the exact same questions??  Someone take a note.  And apparently, they can test for the flu in five minutes in the office but tests for kidney infections must be “sent out”.  It seems like an infection in a vital organ like the kidneys would rate some type of “in office” lab test…I’m just sayin’.

Since I have been sick and I do not want the family to get sick, I’ve been holed up in our room.  The hubs has been taking care of the boy.  (Did I mention, he, the boy,  had his first bath in like 4 days, today?)  When I went back to the exam room, he was very upset.  The hubs took him outside for a little walk.  When I came out, the boy ran and greeted me as if he had not seen me forever.  Bless his little heart.

Found out, in 10 minutes that I do not have the flu.  They believe it is a kidney infection but we will not know for sure for 48 to 72 hours.  In the meantime, I am allowed to pick the boy up, if I can muster up the strength. The fever I’ve been running for 3 days has zapped my strength.

Since we didn’t make our trip and the hubs has a few more days off and I’m not contagious…we are going to make an overnight trip….somewhere.


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