Momlog 17, 2011; Adventure


It was more of a mini-adventure and we made it home.  I call it an adventure because the Hubs and I had a passionate discussion when we realized that the Dallas trip we were planning would likely “break the bank”.  He said something about us not having adventures anymore.  I am a very adventurous person…I moved 600 miles away from my family, I’ve driving from Alabama to North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. I am adventurous.  “Breaking the Bank” is not an “adventure” to me…it makes everything else an “adventure” for the next few weeks…you know, things like dinner. 

We took off on an adventure to San Antonio.  The Hubs lived in S.A. for a while and I’ve been there on several visits but it still qualified.  Our hotel was on a remote area of the Riverwalk (I’ll post pictures and a review.

We left our hotel with our toddler for dinner.  I questioned if we should get the umbrella stroller from the truck but the Hubs said if the boy got tired, he would carry him.   Our hotel was near the museum area and we walked all the way to the busy shopping/dining area of the Riverwalk.  In my estimate we covered over 3 miles total walking there and walking back.  By the way, there isn’t an App to help you navigate the Riverwalk…we were on our own, except for those little “You are Here” maps that posted every 1/4 mile of the Riverwalk. 

We went to Casa Rio one of the oldest restaurants on the Riverwalk.  By the walk back it was dark and there were very, very few other people around and a little creepy.  We made a pit stop and bought Nic some magnetic rocks and some gelato.  The hubs said he had never tried gelato and it is a nice light treat after eating Mexican food. 

Of course, we ended up taking turns carrying the boy because he was tired.  Since I’ve been sick, I’ve been so weak. I couldn’t carry him far.  We were so sore yesterday.  Our arms, legs…everything.  Next time, we won’t be too lazy to get the stroller.

This is the stroller my sister gave us.  Not very expensive.  I’ve added a $10 upgrade…which makes me really like this stroller.  The pocket thing will attach to the back of the seat in my truck and then easily attaches to the stroller to hold my camera, a pull-up (just in case but didn’t need it), stacks including three drinks.

Yesterday we went to the zoo.  I am sooo glad we are going back next month with my sisters because many of the exhibits were closed.  Next time I will remember sunscreen (had to buy a tiny bottle for $3.50…the boy and I are super white), hats, and wipes (the zoo could make a killing selling baby wipes).  We had a great time at the zoo. 

We were able to watch the Hippos being fed.

We got a little lost at the zoo (because the construction was not indicated on the map)….another adventure.

And on the way back we stopped at the outlet mall…my kind of adventure.

We were exhausted but it was a good exhausted.


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