Hotel Indigo at the Riverwalk


On our little trip to San Antonio began with a visit to priceline.  It took a few minutes but I ended up spending only $61 with fees on an hotel room.

Here is what we got for our $61; The Hotel Indigo. (We were happy with where we stayed.  It was clean, it was very comfortable and it was located close to where we wanted to go in San Antonio.  Plus, it had a San Antonio “feel” the hotel itself had an “old world” feel while the decore was what I can only call “Modern Texas” – if Texas did modern)

I loved the yellow, Tiffany blue, red and pops of orange.

The room had a coffee bar with a Kurig (yes, we used it) and a mini-fridge.  I loved the little kitchenette.

The boys waiting on me to get ready.

We didn’t get a Riverwalk view…the only thing that wasn’t “perfect”, thankfully we aren’t the types to sit and stare out the window.  Plus, we could have gone and sat on the patio and enjoyed the river.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay at the Hotel Indigo.  It was a medium walk to restaurants on the Riverwalk.


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