Momlog 18; He let us know…


If you’ve been keeping up, you know our struggle has been getting the boy to tell us when he needs to go to the potty.  He simply hasn’t let us know.  We’ve had him tested and they tell me he is incredible smart.

I shall now take this opportunity to brag.  (Feel free to post brags about your kid in the comment section).  When we were at the zoo we bought him a set of zoo animals….typical giraffe, elephant, zebra, rhino, hippo, tiger, lion, lioness, leopard.  All day Thursday, he brought me animals so I could tell him what was what.  On Friday, when the speech therapist came she played with him.  (My niece, Ellie, has speech too and my sister says she loves it because  a grown-up comes to the house just to play with her…it’s like a playdate) She was so impressed that he could identify all the animals.  He couldn’t necessarily say their names but if you ask for the elephant, you get the elephant.  She asked me, “How long have you had these?”  I told her we got them on Wednesday.  She then told how smart he is.  See…when other people tell you how smart your kid is…well, is that bragging? 

Tonight, as soon as the hubs locked himself in the bathroom to take a shower, the boy comes in and says to me, “Mom, tee”.  I told him to hold it for a sec (I had powdered sugar up to my elbows).  I rushed him to my bathroom.  He didn’t pee or anything before he said, “All done”.  I told him not to say he needed to tee if he didn’t.  (I think he just wanted to see what the hubs was doing in the bathroom). 

I made homemade donuts (post to come). After eating one, he told me again that he needed to tee.  I took him to the bathroom again.  He pooped.  I don’t care if says “pee” or “poop” as long at he does it in the potty.  (Every mom’s goal).

I am pretty comfortable with Nic-Nac not having an accident.  Plus, I know he has a pull-up on right now.  (I had a conversation with my mom the other day about my nephew Sam wetting the bed.  She said they should get him some “good-nights” – basically a bigger kid pullup.  She said something about eliminating stress.  It kind of clicked with me.  Nic wears pull-ups at night but I don’t always put them on him during the day.  I do feel less stressed out when the boy has a pull-up on.) However, my niece and nephew are over right now and she does not have a pull-up on.  (He’s 7, I’m pretty comfortable with him wearing underwear).   She was just standing here dancing around and I asked her if she needs to go.  She insists that she doesn’t need to go.  I told her she better not pee in my floor.  I said, “You will be in trouble”.  She says, “Oh, No”.  You would have to hear this…she really draws out her words.  It was more like, “Ooooooh, Noooo”.  It was funny. 

I’m just happy that one of the children in the house is now telling me he needs to go to the potty.  YEAH!!


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