Chicken Fried Steak


Saturday night, I made Chicken-Fried Steak.  It was incredible.  I haven’t made chicken-fried steak in years.  I had never made it for the hubs.  He’s not really a “chicken-fried” kind of guy.  He likes my Chinese food (which I only learned to cook because they don’t have a PF Changs in Mobile, Alabama and I had a craving for Sweet and Spicy Chicken). 

I had a little craving for chicken-fried steak so I made it.  He has decided that it one of his favorite meals.  My only regret was I didn’t take tons of pictures and post my recipe online.

Keep in mind, I made chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, homemade gravy and sweet green peas on SATURDAY night.  Today, I visit my current favorite blog (other than my sister Jenny’s blog, and she has posted a whole blog about Chicken-fried steak.  (By the way, in Alabama they’ve never heard of “Chicken-fried” anything.  Apparently it is a Texas – and maybe Oklahoma thing since the Pioneer Woman is in Oklahoma.  In the Deep South – you would think Texas would be the deepest south you can go since any more south is Mexico – they call it “country-fried” and they will bread and fry anything….seriously, they fry pickles.) 

There is really no need for me to make and photo-document  my Chicken-fried Steak…you can just click here.  Her pictures are better anyway.  My recipe differs a little.   I like to keep it pretty simple.  She adds lots of spices to her batter (sounds good…I just use salt and pepper).   She adds and egg to her milk…I’m milk only.  Overall, the recipes are very simple.  I purchase “thin” sliced steak, sprinkle meat tenderizer and pound it out a little then salt and pepper and batter.  It is a beautiful thing and now that I know the Hubs likes it, I’ll make it more often.

I was a little bitter about being preempted by the Pioneer Woman but I prayed about it.  😀  (Not really)   It’s good to know that great minds think alike.  I was really more bitter that her dishes are so darn cute compared to mine (I still have the same ones I had when I was single…we just didn’t get any place settings as gifts for our wedding).  There will be time for cute dishes later.


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