Favorite Things


My sister wrote a blog about some of her favorite things. Check her out at www.jbyrans.wordpress.com.   I thought I had written a few on my favorite things too (I may have on another blog).  I have a few new favorites so I thought I would go ahead and write a new one…here goes.

This is one of my “oldest” favorite things; a journal my sister bought me.  I cannot remember what the occasion was but it is a leather journal cover and the paper itself is refillable.  I refill it with the finest thick paper (acid free).  I still love this.  I’ve journaled for over 10 years.  Although, since I’ve been blogging, I’m not writing in my journal as much.

My insulated French Press (also called a Coffee Press) from Starbucks.  I use this almost daily.  The Hubs bought it for me for my birthday one year (okay, I specifically asked for it).  It keeps the coffee hot for much longer than the traditional French Press.  My favorite coffee right now is HEB’s Texas Pecan.

This is my all-time favorite conditioner.  I usually purchase it by the Liter but I missed the Liter sale at Ulta (buy one, get one free plus my $3.50 off coupon…which makes two liters cost about $10 each instead of $23 dollars each).  It is the best.  My hair is curly and can be dry and bridle (think summer and lots of swimming) this conditioner hydrates and makes it “all soft”.

I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer.  The Hubs bought if for me as his wedding gift to me.  I always wanted one and if I had known how much I would have loved it, I would have bought myself one years ago (when I was a rich single woman…instead, I bought lots and lots of shoes). 

Years ago, a doctor told me I have rosacea.  You wouldn’t know since I started using these two products.  They have probiotic in them and my skin loves them. 

My three strand faux pearls.  A girl cannot have too many pearls or faux pearls.  I am loving these that I picked up at in Burnet while on a “girl trip” with my sister Jenny and our friend Dona.  Dona encouraged me to purchase them and I am so glad I did (Thanks, Dona!!).  They were a really good deal too.

I love books.  My house is full of them.  The Hubs bought me this Kindle for my birthday this year even though, I asked him for a Coach purse (which he bought me for Christmas but you will notice, it didn’t make it into my first “favorite things” blog).  We even argued about it (yes, I admit, we sometimes have disagreements).   I told him he wasn’t listening to what I wanted.  He insisted I was going to love the Kindle….don’t tell him but he’s right.  I love my Kindle.  Right now, I am reading George W. Bush’s book “Decision Point” (I’ll write a review when I finish it but so far, I want to head up the committee to re-re-elect “W”).

I have more “Favorite Things” but I’ll save them for later posts.  Enjoy.


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