More Fun Pictures


Since we are working on getting our foster license, I had to find my high school diploma (found it).  I thought it was in my cedar chest (it wasn’t) however, I did come across some old pictures.  This is a little sample of some pictures that made me laugh. 

This is my baby sister Judy…I guess she needed friends so she could go potty.  I also like that our house didn’t seem all that clean.  Since my mom is the epitomy of “clean” these days, it’s nice to know there may have been a time when it wasn’t so.

Proof that there used to be animals at the San Antonio Zoo.  And they used to give out Elephant rids (not any more).

I have always loved this picture of my  mom’s family from 1953.  The story I was told is they went on a trip to California and this was taken in San Diego…although, clearly it was taken in Tijuana, Mexico.  Try to trick us.  I guess the picture with the donkey was just tempting.  My Mam-maw and her sisters are the ladies sitting down on the “second” row.  My mom is the one sitting on the “donkey”.  It looks like they were having fun.

This picture is of my dad and my sister Jenny.  People always said, “She’s the prettiest”  or “She’s the pretty one”.  (I’ll not mention the therapy it took me to overcome hearing that all my life but she really was very pretty).  This is also proof my did have hair and it wasn’t white.  He’s so handsome.


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