The Speed of Light


Why is it we can be trucking along in life and things are going at a nice little pace then suddenly out of nowhere, we are traveling at breakneck speeds?

For a few months we have been rambling along working on getting our fostercare license.  Then because of our situation with Nic, we need to have gotten it last week.  On top of that, we’ve been waiting to hear back about getting a loan to purchase a house and all of the sudden, we are “pre-approved” (not to be confused with actual approval). 

This morning I have talked to a contractor with CPS who says we have to have a homestudy done this week (have you seen my house?).  I spoke to the realtor who has some great ideas about where we should live (I have my own ideas) and who is telling me we can’t purchase a “short sale” which I know we can, it just may take a little longer and cost a little more out of pocket.  It doesn’t sound like the best plan for us but it could still work.  Then I spoke to the company where I have my IRAs so I could find out about cashing out my Roth for to put toward the house….I now have 4 more forms to fill out because I never changed my name on any of my accounts when I got married.   Our agency (fostercare agency we are working with) needs more documents, blood, fingerprints, and for us to  sign away our life (I suspect they are trying to get our DNA…not sure what for). 

So much to do and so little time.  Two weeks ago, I was just trucking along…now I need to put on my big girl panties and run like the wind.  I hope I can find the energy. 

Did I mention I started working on the Momlog book?  Yep…so I have writing to do.  And I’m hoping (and praying) that I’m pregnant.  If all goes well with the house search we will be moving in 6 to 8 weeks. 

I love Jesus! 

Secretly, I love when things change so fast even though it stresses me out and I don’t handle stress well.  Did I mention my kidney infection (I only get bladder/urinary/kidney infections when I’m stressed)?  Well the medicine to heal up the kidneys has caused other major issues.  I’ve decided to stop eating for the next few weeks so  my system can reset (like I can really do that).

Seriously, I am looking forward to moving.  Hopefully, I will be pregnant and know it so I won’t have to do any heavy lifting.  That would be SWEEEET!

BTW…don’t ask me if I’m pregnant.  If I am, believe me, I will be shouting it from the rooftops.  When you ask someone if they are pregnant, it’s awkward.  I want to be.  If I’m not, I’ll just say, “We’re trying” which will make you feel awkward because then you will know my “married business”…so DON’T ask.  😀


4 thoughts on “The Speed of Light

  1. Judy Dean

    Pretty sure that if you move into mom’s house, she will move out! 🙂

    You know you have some “good” family members that will happily drag their kids
    along to help you move.

    Do you need help getting your house ready? Maybe we could trade…I’ll help clean if you keep Ellie for me sometime? 🙂

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