Momlog 22, 2011; On the Road Again


So the sisters and I decided to take our kids on a Spring Break trip.  Yep, 2 1/2 year olds need a “Spring Break” (apparently).

We have 3 adults and 5 kids (ages 7, 5, 1 and two 2 year olds) in the same hotel room.  We have two queen size bed, one roll-away bed and one blow up mattress.  I’m not at all sure we aren’t in violation of a some random fire code.

My sister, Judy and I usually stay up well past midnight…after 9 p.m. is when we have our “me” time.  So tonight at 9 p.m. we put all the kids to bed.  They have been up since 7ish (a.m.) and the littles (those 2 and under) had a nap this afternoon.  The older boys went swimming for over two hours and then ran around the small space of our hotel room for several hours.  The littles (what we are calling our little under 3 years old group)  all had baths after dinner.  They should all be exhausted. 

The littlest of the littles is my niece Devri who will be 2 in May.

This is how our evening went…

9:00 p.m. all the children are in the beds they were put in or choose to be in.

9:15 p.m. all children were quietly reading a book (the sister bought at Goodwill while I was visiting the jail…that’s another blog altogether).

9:25 p.m.  Prayers were said by all children

So far so good….

10:00 p.m.  Sister, Jenny, telling Devri to lay down (repeatedly) and playing somewhat “lullaby” music on her iPod.

10:15 p.m. Sister telling Devri to stop kicking her and lay down.  Sister is speaking more firmly.

10:30 p.m. 5-year-old Nephew decides he doesn’t want to sleep in the spot he chose but would rather sleep with mom.  Slight discussion ensues.  Sister tells Devri to “stop talking” and lay down.  Also, sister, Judy and I start watching a movie (Arranged – one of our favorite movies…sweet love story about arranged marriages – totally worth watching) on Netflix since we are sharing a bed and the TV in our room isn’t working (we called the front desk twice…how are we suppose to entertain 5 kids with no TV?  We do not sing or dance.).  2-year-old niece, Ellie, begins saying “Mamma” repeatedly and begins kicking her bed (air mattress) which causes loud noise.  5-year-old gets in bed with Mom but has to sleep next to sister rather than his mom.  He isn’t happy and “accidentally” falls off the bed several times.

10:45 p.m.  Devri continues to talk, sit up and kick her mom.  Sister takes charge.  Also tells us that Devri isn’t going to sleep with us having any light in the room (the light of the  monitor) and noise.  Judy and I huddle together and share ear buds one ear bud for her one ear bud for me.  Sister sends nephew back to bed with other nephew.  Nephew whines.

10:50 p.m.  Devri continues to talk.  Nephew whines.  I traverse the obstacle course that is our room to get to the bathroom.  On the way back to bed, I tell Nephew to stop whining, get under the covers and go to sleep.  Nephew cries for 3 and 1/2 minutes and then passes out. 

11:00  Devri continues to talk and talk and talk.  She talked about everything…everything she knows at age 22 months.  Sister ignores and goes to sleep (we think).

11:23 p.m.   Devri FINALLY goes to sleep. 

We plan on getting up at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow.  I am already wondering how the 1-year-old who went to sleep 3 hours and 23 minutes later than she normally does is going to handle her day…  I see a morning nap in her future.  Now who is going to sit in the truck with her so she can sleep in her car seat?  Maybe me…that way I can get a nap in to since I forgot to bring some Vicadin (or Tylenol PM) with me on this trip and now I have to go to sleep WITHOUT a fan. (Did I ever tell you how I am absolutely addicted to a box fan?  In the first house I remember living in, we didn’t have central air so my parent put a box fan in my window at night…it is my “white noise”)  If we had, had one more inch of room in the Expedition (oh, did I mention we had 3 adults and 5 child safety seats in my truck?? Plus 3 backpacks, 1 rolling suitcase, 3 large duffel size bags, 3 umbrella strollers,2 laptops, 2 DVD players and more toys than I can list…every inch of space was filled) I would have shoved a fan in there.  Hey, maybe there’s a Fan App for the iPhone.  If not, I’ll invent it.  I’ll be rich!  And I’ll start my own hotel chain and every room will include a box fan.


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