Movin’ on Up to the Eastside


Technically, we already live on the “Eastside” (of I-35).  We are going to move a little farther east.  That’s right, after four years in an apartment we are buying a house. 

We are buying the first house we looked at.   Well, I have been shopping virtually for a while and having been a realtor in a past life (and seriously considering being a realtor in a future life), I had a pretty good idea of some of the things I wanted.  Things like, a big kitchen, a master bath with a shower and a spa bathtub, four bedrooms (one of the boy, one for guests and one to grow on and/or use as the Hubs’ music room).  As a bonus, we have an upstairs laundry room…woohoo, no hauling cloths up and down stairs.  It is a young house (those of you who know me well, know that I actually adore old…really old houses…think historic), only 5 years old.  It is in a new neighborhood with a pool, a brand new elementary school and a hike and bike trail. 

The house we are in the process of buying was a HUD home which means we got a pretty good deal.  Our house is on the tax record for $154K but we are paying much less for it.  How HUD works is they list a house for the amount they would like to get.  Buyers can bid something like 3% less than the listed price.    Buyers place bids and then HUD accepts the best bid.  All bids must be submitted by midnight, ten days after the house is listed.  If no bids are offered, the then bids will be accepted day by day.  After something like 40 days, the price of the house is lowered by 10%. 

We thought (because our realtor told us) that all offers had to be in by last Friday.  We decided earlier in the week that we wanted to offer on the house.  In order to do this, we had to pay a percentage down and we had to have a letter of pre-approval from our lender.  With everyone working together, our realtor decided to submit our offer on Wednesday because he was going out of town.  He told us we would find out on Saturday if we won the bid. 

On Friday, we received a message from our Realtor that we won!  It turns out, bid had to be turned in on Thursday by midnight…we managed to get in under the wire….by the grace of God. 

Seriously, we have been nervous about buying a house.  It’s a big commitment.  We prayed about it.  We prayed that if this wasn’t God’s will for us or if this wasn’t the house for us that it wouldn’t work out.   We still have to get through the mortgage process but it all looks good.  If for some reason it doesn’t work out then we know that God has something else for us.  We feel confident that God’s will for us is the best thing.

To be honest, I think our realtor didn’t think we would get the bid.  It is a nice house.  The only real work that needs to be done is some painting and cleaning the carpet.  Maybe it isn’t so much that he didn’t think we would get it so much as he didn’t think I knew what I was doing.  That’s the thing…I loved working in real estate.  I had the opportunity to work with so many nice people and a few crazy people.   Oh the stories I could tell.  He really is a great guy and I would recommend him.  Overall, he listened to what we wanted and showed us houses that met those criteria.

Yes, I will take pictures of the house.  It is a lovely first home with over 2000 square feet we are going to be in heaven since we have outgrown our apartment.  I am ready to start packing…next week.  Hey, it is still spring break (There will be several more posts in regard to our recent trip…yes, we made it home.  I just need to download the 300 pictures I took).


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