Best of San Antonio


My sister is the queen (in our family) of the iPhone.  Or maybe I should say she is the queen of Apps.  She has an App for almost everything.  There are a few Apps (besides Angry Birds) that make we want to go to the darkside and get a “smart phone” and one of those apps is Urban Spoon.  It gives recommendations for restaurants.  It doesn’t give stars it gives percentages…like 95% of posters liked this establishment.

Besides Mexican food which is in abundance in San Antonio, we tried a few other places.  If you are going to eat Mexican avoid Mi Tierra (in the Market Square) the food is okay but the wait and the service are terrible and it is over priced.  Once we paid $50 for fajitas there because we had 6 people in our party and they add gratuity for parties of 6 or more…two of our  “people” were children.  Yes, I’m still a little bitter.  They charged us for cheese…who serves fajitas without cheese?  We went to the Alamo Tortilla factory.  97% of our party liked it.  Devri wouldn’t eat her mashed potatoes…she liked the tortillas and the grilled cheese.

Here are some of the other establishments we enjoyed during our stay.

After spending the day at the Children’s museum (yes, I have 100 pictures of that event too…I’ll post some highlights in a Momlog), we walked two blocks to a Twin Sisters Cafe and Bakery.

They close up at 3 p.m. and it was 2:50 p.m. when we showed up.  I asked if they would mind and was told, “We are still open”.  No one else was there so lunch was fast, our kids weren’t disturbing anyone and the food was wonderful.

Kid’s meals included fruit cups and this house salad was part of my sister’s meal.  They have a lunch special that allows you to choose 2 items like soup and salad (which she got the tortilla soup and the house salad) or a 1/2 sandwich and salad or soup.  I ordered a turkey avacado sandwich with a ceasar salad.  I couldn’t even finish the salad.

They had peanut butter and jelly for the kids.  To finish it off, I purchased a cookie for later.  It was chocholate-cayenne pepper so it had a little kick to it but very good.

We had promised the kids pizza but the idea of eating in the room wasn’t appealing and the idea of greasy typical pizza wasn’t very appealing either.  Jenny looked for something on Urban Spoon and came up with Central Park Pizza.

We arrived around 7 p.m. and they close at 8 p.m.  There were only two employees and one informed us that it would take 45 minutes to get our pizza.  We said fine.  And proceeded to order; one pepperoni pizza (even though we are giving up pork…our kids can still eat it.  The pork decision is another post) and one chicken-spinach pizza.  They inform us they are out of chicken.  (Did they not prepare for Spring Break in San Antonio?) So we ordered a white pizza instead.  The employee then asked us if we were going to take the order “to go” since they would be closing.  I said, “No.  We have five small children and will be eating here”.  The other employee or possibly the manager told me we could stay.   About that time, my sister, Jenny walked up and started chatting with the employees which made everything nice.  Because I was about to smack that guy…here’s why.  The WORST thing about San Antonio is the parking.  We paid so much $$ to park throughout our trip.  We had just paid $10 to park and getting in and out of the car with 5 children who all require child safety seats is a huge pain in the rear (and not usually in my rear because my sister Judy was having the buckle the boys in the very back seat in…I hope someone got a picture of us all packed into the Expedition).  They were also out of Dr. Pepper and Coke. 

The pizza was good.  Of course by the time we ate, everyone was hungry.

After pizza we decided to get the kids nice and tired by taking them to the Riverwalk for ice cream (we were the ones who ended up nice and tired).  Did I mention that it is Spring Break so on a Monday night, the Riverwalk was crowded?  To make matters more complicated, we decided to take our strollers rather than carry three small children.  The Riverwalk is not nearly as wheelchair accessible as the visitor’s bureau makes it out to be….we know this because we climbed up and down no less than 4 flights of stairs with toddlers and strollers.  A wheelchair wouldn’t have made it.

The kids LOVED the ice cream.  Which we could have purchased at Wal-Mart and paid 1/3 of what it cost us at the Riverwalk.  Ambiance…what you are really paying for.  The place served Bluebell Ice cream which is what we all buy at home.  If you aren’t from the south, you may not be familiar with Bluebell Ice cream.  It’s the best around…unless you go to Amy’s Ice cream in Austin.  (When it comes to Bluebell ice cream what I want to know is when are they bringing back Mexican Pralines in Cream??)

We decided to leave the ice cream parlor on the street level rather than fight the Riverwalk crowds.  We did get a little turned around (meaning we got a little lost…my Verizon Navigation feature doesn’t work as well “on foot” as it does driving.  Can you say “One way streets”?  It had us walking around blocks) but we burned off the pizza calories. 

When you visit San Antonio, stay at the Hotel Indigo not the Fairfield Inn where we stayed at this past week.  I saw one of those little roaches….gross and our TV didn’t work for 24 hours (what were we suppose to do to distract our kids?). 

Favorite food…the Alamo Tortilla factory was very good and we (*I) loved the Twin Sisters Cafe and Bakery.


One thought on “Best of San Antonio

  1. jbryans

    Enjoyed re-living the trip in my mind! One correction (important for your readers to know)-it is “Alamo Cafe”, not “Alamo Tortilla Factory”. 🙂

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