What I will remember…hopefully


My memory isn’t what it used to be so I wanted to write down some of the memories from our trip…

I will remember my sister, Jenny saying, “Let’s just take them to Goodwill…they really liked that”.  (This after we decided the zoo was too crowded and we needed to find something to do).

Hopefully, I will always remember cute Devri’s pigtails…just too cute.

I will remember jamming out to Toby Mac and Sam asking me to replay several songs over and over and over again.  Toby,  surveys say that you are wildly popular among pre-school and elementary age children….congrats.

I will remember sitting on the floor in the hotel room eating McDonalds…it was gross…the food, the floor, the greasy kids.  Thank God, they got a great toy out of the deal.

I will remember Devri NOT going to sleep. 

Oh, here’s a good one…when we were at the Riverwalk, it was crowded and we were concerned about Sam “staying with us”.  His attention span is….well, think 5 year old boy and that about sums it up.  So my sister told him to hold on to me.  He put his hands on my rear and was walking right behind me with his hands on my rear the whole time.   Of course, Jenny thought it was hysterically funny. 

I will remember laying in bed with my sister, Judy after the kids had all gone to sleep and laughing so hard while talking…girl talk. 

I will remember Judy constantly cleaning…I think I told her to relax at some point.  Bless her heart, she’s the “cleaner” in our group.  I’ll do it eventually but she does it constantly.

That’s all I can think of right now….


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