AaaaH! This is my Life


You’ve probably read about how busy I’ve been.  Working on fostering and buying a house and home owner’s insurance which led to more life insurance and now packing plus working on getting the boy his speech therapy including meeting with the school district to discuss their “Mom’s day out” (I don’t think they call it that).

In addition, I’ve been working on clipping coupons.  I’m all about a deal. 

And I am going to be cooking hot meals for an elderly couple. 

My house is a wreck.  I should take a picture.

Here’s what is really on my mind.  Paint, carpet cleaning, gardening and furniture.

Paint…what colors to paint inside my new house.  I have it narrowed down to a few that I love.  I really, really, really need my sister but she will not be able to come for a visit during the time of our closing.  😦   (this expression should actually be weeping).

The carpet in our new house needs to be cleaned.  (Period)  Before we move in.

Furniture…we need more furniture.  I soooo want a new sofa.  Ours is fine.  It is comfortable, it is cute but I’ve had it for 13 years.  It’s a Broyhill so it will probably last 10 more years.  Plus I’ve been like a crazy person about kids eating on it and what not.  I am thinking a “small” sectional would be nice.  Wants aside, what we need is a refrigerator; a black, side-by-side with a water and ice dispenser.  I really, really want a comfy reading nook in our new house; somewhere to read and pray.  And I want to totally change the decor of our bedroom…  And I want a freezer for our garage so I can freeze meals and not cook as often.

My husband wants new towels.  He has the best towels in the house right now; some we received as wedding gifts.  He told me they are getting “faded”.  This is a guy who had two towels when we met.  And those two towels were so used that they were thinning…you could almost see through them.  I think he’s gotten a little spoiled since we got married.  😀  He’s taken on my towel fetish.  That’s right.  I admit that in the past, I had a major towel fetish.  I’m not kidding.  Growing up, we always had the “hand-me-down” towels from my parents bathroom.  I never knew that towels could be “fluffy”.  When I was single, every payday for months I would go to T.J. Max or Marshalls and buy myself a nice fluffy towel.  I had tons of towels for a single person.  I finally had to tell myself, “enough”.  Now we will have two and 1/2 bathrooms.  At very least, we will need more toilet paper.

It’s all about the house right now…well, mostly.


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