The Hubs and I occasionally teach Sunday School.  The Sunday School Department has been teaching the children The Ten Commandments. 

Last weekend, one of the girls asked me if we could teach.  I said “Yes” before I knew what the commandment was; “You shall not commit adultery”.  She admitted to me later, she wasn’t sure how to teach it so she decided to ask me to do it.

We are talking about 2 to 6 year olds.

After reading some of the materials, I decided the best option was to explain that marriage is a promise and adultery is breaking that promise.

I begin by saying to the children, “We have been learning the Ten Commandments.  Does anyone remember some of the commandments we have learned?”  (Two children remembered one commandment).  Then I went on to say, “This week our commandment is ‘You shall not commit Adultery'”.   Without missing a beat, one of the six year olds says, “Wooow”.   It was so funny (maybe you had to be there).  So I asked him, “Do you know what that means?”  He said, “Nope”. (Don’t worry about it, a lot of people these days do not know what it is)

The Hubs and I had a good laugh.


One thought on “Adultery

  1. You are brave to teach SS to the youngsters- but I’m sure it’s a lot of fun. Sadly, you’re right- a lot of adults have no idea how calamitous adultery really is. It’s encouraging to experience the kids and their innocence though!

    When my son was in middle school (6-8th grades) I taught catechism groups at my (very large Lutheran) church. The last year I had a group of eighth-grade boys. One of the boys was very bright and usually had good comments on our studies. However, when it was time for the boys to choose their confirmation verse (that they would recite to the entire congregation as they were called up to be confirmed) this particular boy came back with every verse in the NIV Bible that contains the word, “prostitute.”

    He decided on a little less controversial topic after I reminded him that he would be reading his chosen verse aloud at confirmation in front of his mother (who happens to be very straight laced and conservative.) Oh, teenage boys- but I learned a lot from them as well, especially about laughter and grace.

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