I’ve started clipping coupons….for everything.  Here’s what I’ve found.

1. Most coupons that are printed in the Sunday paper are available on online.  So if you  miss your Sunday paper check online.   

2. For real savings you should double up.  Target will accept their coupons and a manufacturer’s coupon.  Use coupons on clearance items and “on sale” items. 

My recent “double-ups” include:  two coupons on Kraft Cheese at target (saved $2.50 on two…which was only a few cents less than if I used the $1 off coupon at HEB where the Kraft cheese is .86 cheaper per package).  GE lightbulbs at Target are “On clearance” and I used a $1.50 off coupon.  Ended up with a two pack for around .90 cents.  Click here for Target Coupons.  Be sure to check, some of the coupons on their site are manufacturer coupons and can be used anywhere.  They aren’t the cheapest on food.  I also bought a pair of pants for the boy for .75 cents with a $1.00 off CIRCA coupon.  The pants were on clearance too.  Also, Target had Pull-ups on sale 2 for 16.00 (pretty good) I had two coupons for Pull-ups one for $2 off and one for 1.50 off.  Since we do not need two packages of Pull-ups, I bought one for my sister.  It was less than if she purchased the Target brand.

3. Get FREE Samples.  Most companies will send you a free sample with coupons!  I get emails from All You everyday that includes “Free Sample” offers.  Click here to check it out.

4. I don’t check this site out every day but often.  They post up to ten times a day so there is always something to look at.  They also post reward codes for Huggies.  (Yes, I still like “rewards”)   It is Freebies for Mom.  Click here to check it out…be careful, if you enter the wrong address you get some crazy porn links.

Please share with me your favorite saving tips.  I’d love to hear how you are saving.


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