Greatest Friends Ever


Today, the Hubs had some dental work done so he came home to “rest” this afternoon due to the strong painkillers they gave him.  So after lunch, I put the boys to bed for nap time and headed out to Target (by MYSELF)  to save $10 in sales and coupons and get a $5 giftcard on deodorant, shampoo, body wash and hair styling products.  (I also found some Lysterine whitening and Dove body wash on clearance that I had $1 off coupons for…score me.)

While I was there I heard a familiar voice…familiar because of her cute New Jersey accent…it was my friend Erin with her rugrats (the cutest kids you’ve ever seen…seriously, they are adorable).  So I call out to her, “Hey lady, you need to get those kids under control” (I was totally kidding…they were all “with her” and behaving pretty well for 1.5, 4 and 6).  She’s pretty much my superhero right now, she’s pregnant with three kids at Target; that’s brave.  We chatted for a minute and she told me she wants to help throw me a house-warming party once we get moved.  So sweet (this also means I have to get my house put together so we can give tours).

Erin isn’t the only one who has said something about helping us out. Another dear friend asked if she and another friend could come over and clean the house before we move in.  I almost cried.  I’m not great at cleaning and other people’s dirt really grosses me out.  It’s pathetic.  I don’t even like to clean my sweet husbands bathroom.  I almost cried when she asked me.

I have some great friends. 

Thank you everyone who has offered to bless us.  We appreciate it more than words can say. My cup runneth over.  (Think “Hope Floats”)  Now if we can just get to our closing.  Hopefully we will be moved in by May 1st.


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