On Sonship


Reading through one of my journals the other day, I found some notes I had jotted down during one of John Ragsdale’s sermons at Promiseland San Marcos

“Sacrifice is alway laid on the altar to die”

“Servants see everything as sacrifice.  God honors obedience more than sacrifice.  Sons ‘do’ out of obedience. God honors sacrifice but God BLESSES obedience.  Sons (joint heirs) do it (work for the Kingdom) because they know they are contributing to the family business” (and sons know they are working toward their own inheritance)

Lately, I’ve had “Sonship” on my mind.  For too long we have had churches full of widows and stepsons.   Now is the time to step into sonship and to become the bride. 

There are son’s who are “entitled”….that isn’t what I am writing about.  When I say we must own our sonship, we must know who we are and what that means.  As sons we will inherit.  Every promise in the Bible are ours; they belong to us.   Entitlement is arrogant and demanding.  When we talk about sonship, it is more about knowing what our “Father” owns and that it also belongs to us; it isn’t demanding.  We don’t demand our rights but we understand what our rights are and we exercise them with grace. 

There are those who would have us remain slaves to Jesus Christ rather than growing and developing into sons of God.  There is a weight that comes with being a son.  You must recognize that sonship requires obedience.

In my daily Bible reading (in two days), I came across two scriptures regarding sonship.  Which was interesting since I’ve already had this topic on my mind.

John 8:35 reads, “A slave does not abide in the house forever but a son abides forever.”  There are extreme benefits to being a son.

Today I came across this scripture in Proverbs (29:21), “He who pampers his servant from childhood will have him as a son in the end.”

I loved this because it communicates that anyone, even a servant can become a son.  And it tells me that there is a recognized value in sonship.  We aren’t “stuck” with where we are born we can “be transformed” into sons.


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