Momlog 24 2011: Choices


Our little guy is getting a little older now.  We’ve been giving him more choices.  For example, I often ask him to go get shoes and whatever he comes back with is what he wears.  Or I will hold up two choices of cerial and allow him to choose.

Today we went to the grocery store.  He has been so good about going to the grocery store.  It is something we do often but with him being 2 1/2 he very good about going.  At the check out, I asked him if he wanted  treat and he pointed to the M&Ms.  I tried to get him to choose something less expensive (1.19 for a package of M&Ms??) but he kept picking the M&Ms.  Naturally, I told him he had to eat some lunch before he could have candy and even asked him what he wanted.  He said ‘amburer  (which means hamburger).  Being a sweet mom, I got him a hamburger (actually a cheeseburger…we’ve got to get out protein in him where we can). 

We have some “eating” issues with him…a few nights ago, I timed him, he chewed a piece of meat for 15 minutes.  LITERALLY.  I dug it out of his mouth and it was chewed enough to swallow.  I’m not sure what he is doing. Today, I am pretty sure he was stalling his naptime by chewing a piece of burger for 6 minutes! 

Yep, he lost his M&Ms…at least for that meal.  Hopefully, dinner will go better and he can have them then. 

At one point, when I told him to hurry up and swallow the bite he was on (this is after he had eaten almost the whole burger), I told him he wasn’t going to get his M&Ms if he didn’t hurry up.  Then I said, “Do you understand?” and he shook his head “No”.  I guess  he understood the question.

Teaching kids about the choices and consequences is hard…it’s hard work for parents.  I know eventually there will be a payoff but the day-to-day is tough.

My sister says when it comes to parenting, the days seem to drag out but the years fly by. 

And yes, I feel extreme guilt about being tough on him.   Everyone says he’s so good (translate, well-behaved).  Some people think I’m tough.  I am tough and I feel guilty about it and my toughness is yielding good results….but I still feel guilty.  I’d like to spoil him all the time (sure I spoil him sometimes).  I’d like to give him everything and then some but will that serve him well in the future?  I’d rather be a little tough and have a great kid than be the “fun all the time parent” and have a bratty kid on my hands.  He doesn’t expect a treat every time we go to the store. 

We all have choices.  While I am teaching him about choices, I am having to make some of my own. 

I wish I could be more like God when it comes to parenting.  He is kind and loving, strict but fair and has a perfect balance between discipline and favor.


3 thoughts on “Momlog 24 2011: Choices

  1. Katherine

    Hey Casey, I’m going to borrow your last two sentences for a future post…if that is ok with you. 😀 Thanks, Katherine

  2. Tonight, he ate his dinner…no problem and I gave him some M&Ms (he has to know how good they are for future use…not that you want that to be your child’s motivation.) And then I ate most of the rest of them because sometimes (most of the time) Moms need chocolate.

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