Momlog 25, 2011: What??


After days, like two weeks, the boy had not one but two accidents yesterday.  After accident one which was in the morning (which could have been avoided but is a little more understandable except that he could have called me at any time to go potty), I put “big boy underwear” on him.  It  seems almost EVERY time he has on underwear rather than pull-ups he pees in them (he is wearing big boy underwear today and I’m a little concerned).  Not sure what the deal is with that.  But I decided that I have purchased the LAST package of zillion dollar pull-ups that I am going to buy. 

At breakfast, he drank quiet a bit of milk (from a cup without spilling …thank you very much), we went to see the doctor.  After the doctor, we came home and I asked him if he needed to go to the potty.  He insisted he did not.   So he went to play.  I finished preparing a meal to take out to our elderly friends (by the way, they hired a new housekeeper who does cook but they said as long as I am making them all these great meals they are keeping me on….I need to add a few more clients so this project will be a little more lucrative for me right now, not so much).  I was pretty excited because I finished with plenty of time just needed to get the boy some shoes and we could head out.  I go into his room, he is quiet and squatting down playing…instinctively I knew that something wasn’t “right”.  I told him to go use the potty and when he stood up, there was pee everywhere.  I picked him up (holding him away from me) and took him to the bathroom…he was literally DRIPPING!  I admit it…I was FURIOUS!  He had to be changed from head to toe.  His shoes were soaked (GROSS).  After putting him on the potty to finish, I put him in the shower (there is no wiping that off that much pee with a wetwipe).  After cleaning him up, putting a load of laundry on and putting him in time out and telling him how naughty it was that he did not tell me he need to go to the potty (it’s not like we are somewhere out in public where a potty is not accessable..we are at home) I was now running late. 

Yes, we had more issues throughout the day.  At naptime, he wouldn’t go to sleep even though, he was tired and falling asleep in the truck on the drive back from our errand.  I always tell him  at naptime, no talking…he was laying in bed whispering (whispering is his new thing…he has discovered the whisper and likes to try it out all the time).   He got in trouble again.  (We had, had at least 3 days with not even a time out.)  Of course, after that he went right to sleep and we had to wake him up after the Hubs got home from work.

Every personality is different.  Although I am outgoing, I like to be “alone” sometimes.  When I was single, I did tons of things alone that many singles people will not even try.  I went to the movies alone.  I ate dinner out alone.  And went shopping alone.  That was okay with me.  I also learned to recognize when I needed a break from someone in my life.  You know absences really does the make the heart grow fonder.  After 10 straight days of taking care of the boy and being with him constantly…..I needed a little break from him.

After waking him up from his nap, he and I had a long talk about how we have to have better days.  We had some nice long hugs.  I hung up some of his clean laundry and took him and dumped in the Hubs’ lap.  I had already mentioned to the Hubs that I wanted to run out and buy some toilet paper (thank God we needed toilet paper).  So I finished grabbing a couple of things (think glasses, keys and purse) and said, “Bye, I am going to Walgreens (they had Easter M&Ms on sale two for $3 and I had two $2 off coupons so I bought 4 hugs things of M&Ms for $2)”.  The boy started tearing up because he wasn’t going with me.  I couldn’t believe it….he doesn’t even tear up when he gets in trouble…seriously, I often wonder if I am getting through to him.   I left and let the Hubs deal with him. 

I also had a free movie code for Blockbuster so I rented a couple of movies.  When I got home, the boy was sitting at the table chewing a piece of chicken that he had apparently been chewing for 5 minutes.  Yes, we have been having issues with him chewing to the point of insanity (one day, I was in a big hurry so I was feeing him yogart…no fruit of anything and he was CHEWING it!) Now the Hubs was frustrated…and he usually doesn’t get frustrated with anything (he’s married to me after all).  After 5 more minutes I dug the food out of his mouth and put back a smaller portion (apparently he had bitten off more than he could chew -like that? I have never had that saying work so literally).  He seems to be having some issues with food.  In fact, while watching our movie we ate some popcorn and some M&Ms.  The boy was acting a little wierd…he was holding some M&Ms and not putting them in his mouth.  Later before bed, I noticed he had something in his mouth and I thought, “Is he still eating those M&Ms?”  I look…he had three kernels of popcorn in his mouth and he was just moving them around.  Mental note, put popcorn sans kernels in special bowl for boy (he likes popcorn).  I scolded him for not asking us for help (which has been a huge issue with him).

Still…not the “What?” of this blog.

While I was at Walgreens I talked to my sister on the phone.  We had a nice chat.  It was relaxing to me.  She is going to come down and spend a week helping me decorate our new house and then her husband is going to come and help us install some things (I’m thinking recessed lighting or some track lighting).   Talking to my sister always helps me gain perspective. 

While at Walgreens, I decided that with the pottying thing, I am going to try something different.  I’ve done stickers.  The boy loves, loves, loves stickers.  He also likes flashlights.  I bought this cool little flashlight that shines a kind of blue light and a package of happy face stickers.  When I got home, I showed him the flashlight and told him if he can go to the potty every time for 10 days he can have the flashlight.  I put a piece of paper up in the bathroom and told him that every night he doesn’t have an accident, he can put a sticker on the paper and when he had 10 stickers he gets the flashlight.  I put the stickers and the flashlight up in the bathroom where he can “see” them. 

This morning after he uses the potty, I show him the flashlight and the stickers.  I remind him that if he wants the flashlight, he has to use the potty every time for 10 days.  (I know, ten days doesn’t mean anything to him)  I ask him if he wants the flashlight.  He says, “No” (sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between is “Yes” and his “No” so we shake our heads to go along with our answer).  He told me “No”.  WHAT??  Just to be sure he understands the question, I ask him if he wants the stickers…he says, “Yes, mam” and shakes his head “yes”.  Oh my…my best laid plans.  Now I have to get him to want the flashlight so this can work. Picture it…we are standing in the bathroom, with the light off and I am holding the now “on” flashlight, and saying “Wow.  That’s cool”.    Could have saved myself $5 and just bought stickers.  The problem with stickers is I find them all over the house at later times and my vacuum cleaner is so weak it doesn’t suck up stickers that are imbedded in our dirty apartment carpet (it’s not our fault the carpet is dirty…we have repeatedly asked our complex to clean our carpets and they haven’t in FOUR years…anyone’s carpet would be a little dirty).

It has gotten very quiet in the back room…I have to go…must check on almost 3 year old hopefully he didn’t figure out a way to get the stickers.


5 thoughts on “Momlog 25, 2011: What??

  1. The good news is, as we discussed his sticker before bed tonight (yes, he earned his first sticker), I asked him if he wanted the flashlight (I let him hold it) and he said, “Yes Mam”….so maybe we have a deal and we will both get what we want…he will get a flash light and I will get 10 days of peeing in the potty.

  2. I put “big boy” underware on him today (instead of pull-ups) asked him 3 times if he needed to “go potty” and he said “no” then I went to check on him and he had peed his pants.

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