What will you do with all those boiled eggs?


In our family, we don’t hide our dyed eggs for Easter because then you have rotting eggs in your yard (the ones your three-year-old didn’t find….what a big responsibility for a three-year-old.  We also don’t hide chocolate…that would just be wasteful.  In fact, I confiscate most chocolate because it’s really messy and the boy doesn’t like it anyway.  Well, not as much as I like it.  Chocolate needs to be appreciated.  That is also why our Easter Bunny doesn’t buy cheap chocolate.) 

After the kids see the boiled eggs (not even sure we are going to allow them to touch the eggs other than to help with the dying process), I make deviled eggs.  And I believe my deviled eggs are the best. Why would I think that?  Because I love them, because my family requests them, because my friend Angela (former roommate) often asked me to make them and because they have bacon and bacon makes everything better.

I’ve been warming up for Easter so I made some for my elderly friends this past week (and a few for us).

Here’s a picture:

They aren’t too hard to make but I “guesstimate” on the measurements.

I usually make at least a dozen eggs at once. ( Seriously, my family cannot get enough of these eggs and there have been suedo fights about who gets the leftovers.)

Real bacon bits (I have even fried the bacon myself to add to the eggs)

1/2 teaspoon of mustard

2 large spoonfuls of mayonnaise (don’t use that Miracle Whip crap. I use Drakes mayonnaise)

Salt and Pepper (but not too much)

Combine all these ingredients and mash or whip (use a masher or a hand mixer).  I use my Pampered Chef medium scoop or the Easy Accent Decorator to fill my eggs (Use the Easy Accent Decorator if you are feeling fancy).  To complete the recipe, sprinkle with Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning (It’s a southern thing so I’m not sure you can get it “up north”)

Happy Easter everyone!


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