Twitter Sermons


I have been on Twitter from way back before most people were on twitter.  Twitter is linked to my phone which means I follow a select few of people on my phone.  Of the people who I follow to my “mobile device” several are pastors.   Lately, I have noticed that my inbox is getting awfully full, awfully fast…when I say “awfully” what I really mean is I’m getting a lot of inane Tweets to my phone. 

On the way home tonight, I thought if these tweets were sermons, what would they sound like.  So, without naming any names (to protect the guilty), I thought I would post some of my friends Tweets to see what their Twitter Sermon might be (Their Twitter Message; their Twitter Gospel).  This might be interesting or it might be boring or it might be revealing.

Pastor 1:

Egg-a-palooza @His Church Sunday for Youthgroup and mega-egg prizes for children’s ministry too! Yahoo! 

RT @pastor friend: It’s (somewhat) official! Release date of my 1st book from Destiny Image looks 2 b Dec 1st 
“I like nice people: they make me smile.” – Garrison (as he sips his 1st ever soy, vanilla latte) #Starbucks
Late #lunch in Jackson before we head back home  
Yesterday’s Blog Post: Advertisement of Personal Blog here 
I think this is pretty good:-) Blog Post: Personal Blog Advertisement
Pastor 2:
“Some of you are ignoring the fact that you are in the path of the wrath of God.” (link to video)»
You want fruitfulness, but are you willing to prune?
Gandhi: Jesus death on the cross was a great example to the world, to think it a miraculous virtue, my heart could not accept
Remember the brutal death of Jesus today. He bled for you. He hung on a tree for you. Sunday celebrate his Glorious Resurrection.
1000 BC Psalm 22:16 – “For dogs encompass me; a company of evildoers encircles me; they have pierced my hands and feet . . .”
The first version of this church was burned down by its members. They refused to compromise doctrinally.   Link to Blog Posting
Over 5000 dls oft he Good Friday film. Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day. We enjoy giving stuff away. 
It calls me to praise God for the gift of our son — his Son and our Savior.” – President @BarackObama link to website 
(I think I found the guy I’m going to add to my mobile updates)
Pastor 3
Studies Prove that the Best Feline Pets EVER..Smartest, good with kids,Clean….any kind of Domestic Fox!?! Wow!
Today My Savior drank the Cup of our Transgressions..
 time to Mobilize the Prayer Team & Head to the High ground over bridge and Call forth the Rain, N Jesus Name!
I’m a stone Mover….. Chuch name
In prayer …..Don’t Complain it ,Claim it!!!
Women Cover up, Men straighten up!
Seek Purity….Not Status
Pastor 4  
amazing night at my church DO Good Friday. @famous musican1 & @  famous musician 2 killed it! & our team rocks!
oh yeah, I almost forgot… we have a HUGE announcement that we will share at the end of the service tonight!
Countdown to DO Good Friday! COME ON OUT! 7pm Address, City, State, Zip  GREAT MUSIC! GREAT CHARITY! Link to website
Good Friday. One pure epic act of love
TONIGHT! DO Good Friday! church name address, city, state, zip  @ famous musicain 1 @famous musician 2 Link to website
@person   yup & I was honored to be a guest worship leader on it… I dropped my own name. now that is next level!
we have such an amazing crew at my church- the place looks incredible! you do not want to miss DO Good Friday!  link to website
Pastor 5 (This is one of my favorites!  This man can preach)
“Oh, Sweet Jesus, God of our rockin’ boats. You are “For God so loved” favorite Son. How high is your flight today? Take us away.”
“Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” That means you will get there before God does. You could lose your head over that. Mt.11:10
‘I’m talking about the Man in the Middle, I’m asking Him to change my ways.. gonna make this world a better place…” Lk.23:33.
Thief. “Climbing to the top of the bottom; too young to die, too old to cry.” Don’t cut out the Middle Man ~
“In the place of Crucifixion there was a garden.” Sweet grow the flowers in the soil of adversity. Jn.19:41
Do not expect to get to the Penthouse if you are not willing to leave the first floor. {Mt.14:23}
Pastor 6
I will be preaching tomorrow night in foreign country for their congress. For more info: website
Just had a conversation with a congresswoman who is fighting human trafficking!
I finally found my phone:  Now I can stop using the @ sign wheee is doesn’t work and I am now officially going to me meeting!
Oh, and I am wearing some hot, candy-apple red heels to the young women’s meeting! @ 
Today I am meeting with a group of young emerging women leaders from foreign counties. Talking about pro-life and saving babies. I love 2day
 thxs so much for the really sweet note! It made me feel so loved!
The last week-end with famous preacher1 and famous person  echo through the annals of history! We r getting ready for an Women’s Conference!
Hmmm, reading people’s tweets makes me realize there are lots of tired people out there in twitterland! Lots of grace and strength! 🙂
Pastor 7
“@famous pastor: Turn your mistake into a stake- a determination- to remember that you’re forgiven of all your to website”
Church looks smokin’. I would post pics but my wife said I shouldn’t. So you’ll have to come Sunday to see.
@person: I love you too! 🙂
Can your nursery handle the babies if the auditorium is packed? If not, don’t expect the auditorium to b full! U get what u make room 4
“@other pastor: Do when u r small what u would b forced to do if u were big, then you’ll get big!”///This is good advice!
It is good to have pastors helping me on a daily basis. Thanks to @pastor friend1 @ pastor friend 2@ pastore friend 3 @ pastor friend 4& @ link to website 
I plan to make much of Jesus this Easter. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Faith without action is dead!
Pastor 8
My neighbor just told me she is coming to church on Sunday. Oh yeah, she is a Muslim from Pakistan.
RT @Personsname: If Jesus had just used the Force on Good Friday he’d avoided an unpleasant afternoon.// I’m thankful he didn’t!
Jesus will wash the feet of his betrayer. How calloused the heel – how precious the hands that show me transforming love.
To clarify…Follow Jesus…not Peter
Preview of sun msg: after Peter went into empty tomb, scripture he had known all his life took a whole new meaning. Follow after Him! John20
RT @newspapername: Apple’s earnings nearly double on iPhone sales, & they can’t make iPad 2s fast enough // oh yeah & we are in recession..
Taking family to see hockey playoff game in Cityname. I don’t even know our team name…we got free tix.
HUGE Easter opportunity today, tomorrow, and Friday…link to website

This has been an interesting little experiment.  I am now going to edit my mobile updates.  I am also going to be a little more deliberate about my tweets.  After all, it is an opportunity to spread a message; a message about ourselves, our program, our project, our church, our ministry, OR about our Jesus. 

What is your Twitter Sermon say about you?

(P.S. anyone want to guess who’s who??)


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