The Move


I’ve been a little stressed…our apartment has become a huge storage for boxes (except the boy’s room).  Here are some pictures(one…Wordpress ins’t putting my pictures where I want them in my posts, it is starting to bug me)…

Almost to the ceiling.  Still, I haven’t packed any shoes.  Tomorrow.  The Hubs is stressing out.   I believe we will get it done.  He works on one area and completes it and moves to the next thing.  I float around.   All the dishes are alllllmost packed.

What’s driving me crazy is the lose items….tomorrow, I’m taking some stuff over to my parent’s house.  We are going to stay at their house for a couple of days.  So long as I know where our important stuff is I’ll be good.   😀

Sure.  I cannot wait until we get to our house.  It’s like the Hubs bought me a huge project to work on.  Seriously, painting, staining, sewing, shopping…yes, of course I’ll post “before” and “after” pictures.  My sister is coming to town to help me out.  Woohoo!  It will all happen before I know it.


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